Wednesday, September 23, 2015

19 Days to Go

In 19 days we are having our first IVF consult in Winter Park.  In 18 days I will drink my LAST COKE!  I am sort of a soda addict...Confession, I start every day with a Coke. It's a HORRIBLE drink, I mean you can literally clean your toilet with it and I'm sitting here at 9:00am gulping it down like its the water of life!
Love is all you need, and a COKE, ha! 

Lots of changes coming in the future for the Maul family, and I have to admit I am more worried about losing my morning concoction of sugar and caffeine than not getting a BFP when we start IVF.  We will get pregnant!  I just KNOWWWW ITTTTT!!!!