Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Preliminary Paperwork AKA Two Hours of Questions about My Medical History

OK let's start....
Section One, Female Information, AWESOME...I am the female I should get all of these right.  Oh, I wonder if they give prizes for finishing quickly, I'm an over-achiever.  Imagine what I'm expecting from my eggs!

I think it's a little unfair to move the weight from 138 to 141....I'm somewhere in the middle of that, but I have to pick 141....the computer reminds me my BMI is 23.48, which is the very highest number in the "Healthy" category....I have a food grazing problem.  We will assess that later.

How long have you been trying to achieve a pregnancy?  Let's see I think I counted about 48 times I didn't get pregnant before I just gave up and said it wasn't happening.  The highest number allowed is 99, so if you've been trying for 100 months you don't get a prize.  I kept it at 48.

Thankfully I track my cycles so I pulled out my handy-dandy iPhone to complete the rest of that information!  I'm a clockwork kind of girl and my cycle is no different.  Sure they're crampy for the first few days but it levels off and I'm fine.  I just don't have any problems in that area that I am aware.  All my results from doctor visits are great.

Some of these questions could potentially be awkward to discuss if you haven't with your spouse so make sure you're prepared to discuss that little bout with the "clap" from Junior year at college if you have to....but I didn't.  I didn't have that little bout and I didn't have a Junior Year of college either...I am checking a lot of "NO" responses.  (I don't even know my blood type)

Do you know your blood type?

I completed the form and felt like I'd been historically violated!  I wonder what they're going to ask Daddy Bun!!

Can I just say that Fertility CARE has an awesome Patient Portal so I can pop in and view results, email the nurse, ask a question or even get instructions because you were not really listening...but only because you were picturing fertilized eggs in your mind. LOL