Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tough Day...Need to Laugh?

Sometimes it takes all I have to get through the day.  And when I'm bummed, or feeling a little shaken from the stress, I look to laugh to get me through.

Daddy Bun is a saving grace for me.  He is the only man I know who would willingly put up with me and all my emotions and then volunteer to add Clomid to the mix!  What a trooper!

Daddy Bun FOR SURE!

I truly think this is relatable for me especially.  If you have Pinterest, don't follow me!  You would think I was pregnant already based on my boards of Baby Life Hacks and Nursery ideas...

And finally, I can't honestly say that I will TRY this but it has been an improvement since I left Facebook.

Already feeling MUCH BETTER!  Just a laugh can really improve your day.  And honestly, if I don't laugh I could cry, so it's better to costs you less in mascara!