Sunday, October 18, 2015

31 Days of Infertility Weekend Review

This weekend I decided not to press on with days five and six of 31 Days of Infertility so I could spend the weekend reflecting on the first five days.  Lisa over at Amateur Nester really set me up properly with her 31 Days of Infertility book available HERE on her Blog.  The first five days include praying for the following:

I had a positively miserable weekend.  I felt lost, alone, confused....the peace and comfort I worked so hard to achieve all week seemed to fade into oblivion.  I spent too long in bed, I shriveled away into nothingness.  I gave in to the darkness that befell me instead of pushing through it into the light.  Old habits are hard to break and I got a real taste of it this weekend.  My old habit of allowing darkness to envelope me got the best of me and I relished in the pain and anguish of what I was feeling.  When it happens, I feel hopeless.  I feel empty.  I feel alone.

But I'm not alone!  It's a hard cycle to get out of without pure and driven focus on God.  I lost my focus.  I forgot my prayers of the week, the verses I studied fell short of my memory.  I was completely lost in my own worries, fears and doubts.  

This week I am STARTING OVER...yes that is right, I'm starting over with 31 Days.   I won't be re-blogging each day as I did, instead I'll be writing it down by hand rather than keyboard.  Once I get to Friday this week, I hope to be more comforted and content.

I am so thankful for this devotional and even more for the content that Amateur Nester posts on the daily.  Until next time, pray for me.  <3