Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31 Days of Infertility...Day 02 Comfort

I must start today by reminding you, as I will remind you each day about this AMAZING devotional I purchased from Amateur Nester for a STEAL of a DEAL at $4.29.  This is my first devotional and it it awesome to be starting my journey using this book.

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31 Days of Infertility Day 02 - Comfort

This was a much needed reading today.  Comfort.  There is something wonderful about being comfortable, a peace that you can't put into words, that feeling when you wake up and your body is relaxed, your mind is quiet, your heart is calm.  The worries of the world haven't clouded your thoughts.  I feel most calm when my husband gives me a hug.  Sometimes he has to stand there and hug me for what seems like an eternity before I feel a quiet mind and calm heart.  

There was a time not long that I found no comfort in words or actions.  No matter how anyone tried to help, my soul was weak and beaten down and I refused the comfort others offered.  God is often right around the corner and all you have to do is ask and receive that comfort.  Read that again, ask and RECEIVE.  It's not enough to ask God to comfort you, you have to receive the comfort he offers. 

He will restore your life.  He will comfort you in your time of need.  You may not want the comfort he offers.  The comfort might come in a way that includes more from you than you are ready to give.  To receive the comfort God offered, I had to LET GO of some things.  And we have a tendency to hold on to things, whether they are material or emotional.  I was holding on to something, fist clenched and brows furrowed (don't do that ladies, the anger lines are hard to undo) and refusing to let go.  There was my comfort, just within my reach....but I had to let go of what I was holding onto in order to get it.  I wrestled with it, I tried holding it to the side and reaching, but the result was the same, there was not enough room to let Him in without letting that go.  

So, after growing tired and weary from carrying the burden, after realized my furrowed brows were causing wrinkles, I said, "TAKE IT God!  Take away this burden and allow me to receive the comfort you offer."  Allow me to receive this gift, the gift of grace, the gift of comfort.  I was back in His arms.  I was getting the hug I so desperately sought.  I was at peace.  My mind was calm.  My heart was quiet.  All I had to do was let it go.      

I ended today's devotional using the scriptures the author suggest and this struck me today:

 Psalms 71:20-21 "Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once more."

It does not matter our troubles, God is with us.  All we have to do is accept that comfort he offers.  What an amazing feeling, to get a hug from God!

As I continue my journey to Little Bun, I am comforted because I KNOW God has a plan for me.  It may not be a Little Bun, but He has a plan and I'm going to follow it.

I invite you to check out  Amateur Nester if you're on an Infertility Journey and make sure you pick up that book!