Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From IVF to Possible IUI

So, after the weekend and the results coming in from the SAMPLE Daddy Bun provided we were met with some pretty exciting news.

First, Daddy Bun's last analysis ended with poor results.  His motility and count were low.  Well, we knew that was a possibility since his vaso-vasectomy resulted in only one side being reconnected.  So when we got the call from Dr. Mark regarding his analysis, I was expecting much of the same.  Poor results.

But lo and behold, they were NOT poor results.  In fact, for the most part they were terrific!  Count is above normal, motility is above normal...we do have a few aspects that will require a trip to see the Urologist, but overall, we were thrilled with the results.  

In fact, they were so good Dr. Mark suggested we consider IUI instead of IVF.  For those who don't know, an IUI is the turkey basting technique.  Of course, they don't do it that way anymore...did you know they started that practice in the 1800's.  The 1800's!  

IUI costs almost 93% less than IVF.  Did you see that?  93% less!  For a IUI cycle with Dr. Mark, the cost is approximately $1500 per procedure, which pales in comparison to the $20,000 price tag associated with IVF.

This brings about a new angle to create Little Bun.  I've spent so much time examining and analyzing IVF, I haven't even looked into IUI.  So this week, Daddy Bun and I will delve a little deeper into the details of IUI while we decide the right road for us.  

Praying for Clarity, which is Day One of the 31 Days of Infertility devotional I'm reading, is really what we need right now.  We have to trust in God's plan for our family, so I will pray about it the rest of this week. 

Daddy Bun has an appointment on November 4 with Dr. Witt, the urologist at Fertility CARE.  More updates to come!