Monday, October 26, 2015

Lab Week...Let's Give Some Blood

Tomorrow is Lab Day!  Daddy Bun (DB) and I have lab work tomorrow and we are crossing fingers we can slide that cost through insurance but I'm sureeeee the minute they read things like "progesterone" and "FSH" we will be up the creek on this one!  It's CD 24-27 so I'm due to get all my hormones checked and if you ask DB I'm sure he would say YEAAAA SHE'S GOT THOSE HORMONES ALRIGHT...and they're rampant!!  

Next week is a trip over to Fertility CARE to meet with Dr. Witt, the Urologist to go over DB's "sample" and if you haven't read our hilarious sample story, you must check that out on the Blog. 

Too bad Dr. Witt comes in from out of town because I will have to make a separate trip to do my HSG test so that's another half day off work for this Bunny.  And I can't wait to tell y'all about that mess! We will be checking to make sure I have no blocked Fallopian tubes and a healthy looking uterus, which I call a Cuterus but only after I heard Leslie Knope refer to it that way in Parks and Recreation.  Nothing's more Cuterus than your Uterus!

I happen to disagree with that sentiment because I have a Yorkie named Brutus and he is, in fact, MORE Cuterus than a Uterus! 

We are currently preparing for a Dwcember IUI but the blood work and HSG test will give Dr. Mark some additional information to make sure it's the right road for the Buns! 

Updates soon!