Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lab Work Day

So LabCorp was so busy Daddy Bun didn't have time for his appointment and will have to reschedule. BOOOOO!!!!

We arrived right on time and I got in 20 minutes later. Poor lady had a room full of people and was working ALONE!  I will never understand why such a busy lab reduces to a staff of one during their two hour lunch....and boy would I like a two hour lunch! 

My list of labs was the largest she'd seen since she moved down from New Hampshire and some of the tests she had to go into the back and get the numbers for the test. 

She took 8 vials of blood. Five large and three small. She just dropped the full vials into this basket right in front of my face!  Luckily I've been hospitalized a few times and I'm no stranger to giving blood.  But it was a little woozyfying seeing it all there in a basket! 

The real test of strength came when she handed over the bill...$2117 in lab work.  Holy sheet I almost passed out right there holding that paper. My face froze in shock...I sputtered the words, "I hope insurance covers a piece of that" but my insurance does not cover infertility at all, maybe some diagnostics....so I will argue that with claims if I can.  When you're paying out of pocket, every single dollar you can save is precious!  

It should take a few days to get it processed and back over to Dr. Mark and they'll upload the results right away into the Patient Portal. 

We will keep you posted on the results!