Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LITERALLY....freaking out!

TWO DAYS from now, we will be completing our initial consult with Dr. Mark.  Dr. Mark is Board Certified and the #2 RE in the state of Florida.  He heads up Fertility CARE in Winter Park.  His website is My Fertility CARE 

My heart stopped when my cell phone rang and it was his office calling.  Why were they calling?  The last time they called it was to cancel my appointment.  Oh my, please don't be another cancellation.  They have NO IDEA how long I've waited for this...
6 years
8 months 
and 15 days
I've waited.

Please don't make me wait again!!  

But it was Mary calling to tell me that insurance confirmed they did not cover any portion of the treatments (which was not news to me) but she wanted to be upfront and let me know what would be covered and what would not.  I think that is very considerate of them to do that for me, even though I did it myself already.  

So we are still on for Friday at 10:00am for the consult.  If I said I wasn't anxious I would be lying.  

How in the world will I ever hand a 2WW if I can't even get to the first appointment without anxiety?

I better get a grip y'all.  We want this to be smooth sailing!