Saturday, October 10, 2015

My First Fishing Trip

....YESSSSSSS....that's right, my first fishing trip y'all!  My hubby has been asking me to go fishing since our first boat.  But it was small, and I don't fish, so I declined. Over and over, against his wishes, I declined.

So he set out to find a bigger boat to entice me to go fishing. And he did find a bigger boat.  So for his anniversary gift this weekend, we planned a fishing trip. Happy Anniversary Daddy Bun!  

My first few casts and look what I brought in the boat!  Okay, yes this is an tiny redfish, but I caught this!!!!  I didn't even realize I had a fish on the line!  I was just playing with my bait, HA, and a pull revealed this on the end of my line...My FIRST FISH!!!  I was thrilled!  We used shrimp and I even baited my own hook...well I tried several times...and if they were lifeless enough I didn't even throw them off the boat with squeals of fear...but I admit, I did lose a few.

Here I am with the first shrimp I put on the hook...YUMMY RIGHT?!?!  Just kidding!!!

I caught three fish and even out fished Daddy Bun! 

Below is the third fish I caught...a trout. Isn't it adorable?  No, adorable is not a fishing term. In fact, you don't want to catch adorable fish....but I did!  How cute!  

How amazing to spend the day with my hubby!!  Just the two of us, out on the water, surrounded by all these fascinating fish and amazing mangroves.  In my hubby's favorite place to be, sharing it with him, it was truly a BLESSED day for us. I thank God every single morning for my husband. He is my partner for life.