Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Meeting with Dr. Mark

Today was THE BIG DAY!!!  We set out this morning for our 1.5 hour drive, a drive that will become very familiar because WE LOVED DR. MARK!  We absolutely loved our experience. I felt T ease from the moment we walked in the door. It was difficult to even ask questions because the answers to my questions were given before we asked!

Dr. Mark is the only doctor I will see in his practice means I won't be part of a revolving door of doctors. This was very important to me!!  He is double board certified and is considered to be one of the top RE's in the U.S.  I am very confident to be in his care!  

We met with the doctor and then went to discuss the financials. The costs...oh my goodness. I've read it all over the Internet but it's different when it's right there, black and white, this is going to cost you $20,000 and it will be due really fast to several people. Pay the lab, pay the doctor, pay the pharmacy...but if it doesn't work, it will be $8,000 for the NEXT round because the doctor drops his fee to $0.00. We still pay for labs and the pharmacy but he only charges you one time!  That was a financial relief because there is no guarantee this is going to work the first or even second time.  Overall the financial aspect, while its a very scary number, was a relief to get through!  I didn't have many questions for our financial specialist.

Next we were moved into the ultrasound room to take a look at my uterus and ovaries.  I looked at the machine and thought, YOU'RE GOING TO PUT THAT WHERE?!?!!

Well this is awkward, I mean WE JUST MET!  I have never had a transvaginal ultrasound so I was not exactly enthusiastic to be probed by a stranger in scrubs but I laid back and embraced the fact that these people are probably going to be seeing a LOT of me, might as well get to know each other now! Dr. Mark and Mary, the girl who met my uterus at the same time as us, were really happy with the ultrasound. I got to see all my "junk" which is a healthy uterus, two healthy ovaries and 9 follicles on the right and 10 follicles on the left. It was NOT COMFORTABLE. I don't really know if it was better/worse/indifferent on the "feeling" as compared to a regular pap-smear but you have to aim the wand at each in my opinion, it was more uncomfortable than my annual exam.

I'm due to ovulate in a few days and it is coming from my left ovary because one of the follicles is bigger than all the rest. It's a good sign. It means via ultrasound I am a very healthy woman.  No fibroids or endometriosis in sight.  After a great review we were moved to the next stop, the patient education room.  We sat going over the plan of action and calendar of events depending on when we decide to start.  We have a week before I'm due for my first round of blood work so we are going over everything we covered today in more detail at home.  PLUS there was a late call in the afternoon that triggered a potential change in this journey.  MORE TO COME ON THAT!!