Saturday, October 10, 2015

Our Ruth's Chris Dining Experience

Let me start by saying I'm a country girl and I live in my little country world.  So going to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse required two things I'm not a real fan of....pants and manners. 

I was going to wear this dress from Banana Republic, isn't it gorgeous!  Yea, and it's a size six (which I am not) so while I am standing here in this photo, I feel like a woman from the corset days and I am literally moments from passing out!

We stopped at Beall's so I could find a dress that I could actually fit, details that are of importance if you're planning to...I dont know, eat, drink, and BREATHE!  

Once I was breathing and comfortable we set out to our 8pm Ruth's Chris reservation with me still wondering what kind of name is Ruth's Chris?!  Let me tell you about Ruth 1965, a divorced mother of two teenage boys, she invested in a failed restaurant called Chris Steakhouse in order to pay for her son's to go to college. And THAT is why it's called Ruth's Chris!  She put her hand into every single steak she served and has become one of the the premier steakhouses in the U.S.  Ruth went against her banker, her lawyer and her friends with a goal. She set out to achieve that goal and SHE DID!  I am proud to have spent my 13th anniversary in her restaurant!  What a woman!  She, like me, had a goal. She set out and achieved it!

We arrived and parked what seemed like a mile away in my five inch heels...hey, I said I'm from the country but I didn't say I don't love shoes, especially heels!

We were seating at a quiet corner table and set out for one of the best meals I've had in a long time.  

We started with drinks and they were exceptional!  I'm a martini girl and this Lemon Drop Martini was amazing!  Daddy Bun kept it simple with a Blue Moon beer. 

We had Spicy Lobster as an appetizer and I started wolfing that down before I could even take a photo!  Whoops!  Sorry about that...note about the SPICY Lobster...uhh is spicy all right, warns you right in the name. I needed lots of water refills for that dish!

Next came the Chop Salad, a recommendation from our friends Shawn and Mandy. And it was ADORABLE!  Don't let that little circle of greens fool you. There were so many delicious ingredients in that salad!  Green olives, eggs, bacon, chopped iceberg, spinach, mushrooms and all chopped in with the most amazing lemon basil dressing...and little cherry tomatoes on the side and topped with CRISPY FRIED ONIONS...had me at CFO y'all. This salad was delicious!!!

We each decided on steak because I felt it was a little silly to go to a steakhouse and not ask for steak!  Daddy Bun got the filet and I got the ribeye.  I like a filet, but I LOVE a ribeye.  These came sizzling in butter...I was trying so hard not to drool when it came to the table.  How awkward to be salivating on my fancy tablecloth while our server slid this in front of my face...

Oh my heck y'all, seriously, this was melt in your mouth, you want to lap it right off the plate but you can't, delicious.  I wondered why we even bothered to order sides....who needs sides when you have this!  But we added a potato and veggie anyway with the au gratin potatoes and cremini mushrooms. They were superb!  We LOVE mushrooms and happily agreed they were the best mushrooms we've had and we WILL be perfecting that recipe at home. 

Do you know what we didn't do?  Eat dessert. And they had chocolate mousse cheesecake. But I was so stuffed I don't even know where I would have put the cheesecake.  I imagined it light and fluffy with dainty garnishes of whipped cream. We agreed to skip the dessert. They boxes up our food and put it in a bag for us to take home. 

We had enough leftover to share a small late lunch on Saturday. 

This was definitely an experience to remember. The price of dinner was a small fortune, it would pay for my Ultrasound at Dr. Mark's office!!!!  While it was definitely one of the most amazing meals Daddy Bun and I have ever had...I would still gladly have his steak and mushrooms right at my dinner table. 

If you have a chance to have an experience at Ruth's Chris (we used Southwest Reward Points to get our gift certificates!) definitely GO!  Eat the Chop Salad and SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT! I feel like I really missed out there!