Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Weekend in Mississippi

Well, we did finally make it to Mississippi...a day late and dang, I sure hate we missed a whole day with our family and friends!  I will definitely relinquish the travel responsibilities to Daddy Bun.

Let me tell y'all about Alamo car rentals.  I was FLOORED when we called to push back our arrival by 15 hours and our rental cost went UP, yes UP, by over $200.  What kind of calculators do they use when an $80 rental becomes a $280 rental just by keeping the car by 15 hours less?  Alamo that's where!  In fact, all the car companies were really proud of their little rentals because once I cancelled the Alamo rental and searched out the other companies, they were all about $300.  For TWO DAYS.  In an "Speck" in a car the size of a matchbox...don't even try to afford the standard size car at $377!  I considered calling little brother and asking him to pick us up and Daddy Bun wondered if we should have just not said a word about the car at all and showed up a day late.  BUYER BEWARE...Alamo is NOT like Southwest at all.  Perhaps Southwest has spoiled me with their low fares, no change fees and free bags....

We got to Hattiesburg about 3pm which gave us enough time to get ready for Miss Ruby's Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party.  This child is Belle....she is all about Belle, and her Daddy is Beast.  They've adopted these adorable nicknames and Ruby loves to dress up in her yellow Belle costume and dance with her daddy.  It's the sweetest thing you'll ever see!  "Beast!" she'll cry out, "It's time to dance Beast!".  And her daddy will dance and twirl her around, it's enough to warm even the coldest hearts.  To watch that moment between daddy and daughter is precious!  I have cherished this picture from July last year of Ruby and her Daddy dancing while they watch Beauty and the Beast.

The party was a beastly success and it was so AWESOME to be able to be a part of her special day!  She had the most adorable little Princess friends and they played for hours outside in the backyard.

Saturday we went to a great little restaurant called the Keg and Barrel with friends Bryan and Crystal.  Those two are my FAVE Mississippi friends!  Hattiesburg is well known for it's craft beers and Keg and Barrel has them ALL, about 120 different brews are sold from the KB so there is definitely a beer for every mood!  Their menu is full of delicious choices but their burgers are WHERE IT'S AT y'all!  Let me just highlight some of these amazing goodies...because the names are pretty AWESOME!

The Dirty Diana - you read it right - is a classic bacon cheeseburger but all their beef is from local grass fed cows and it comes with not one, not two but THREE different slices of cheese!

The Fatty McFat - buffalo chicken strips with bleu cheese crumbles on brioche bread.

The Wrappers Delight - smoked turkey and provolne in a pita wrap.

And don't get me started on the bacon cheddar fries!  French fries doused in bacon, cheese, and chives....those fries are cooked crisp and delicious.  Are you hungry now?  Because I am and there is no Keg and Barrel here!  (INSERT SAD FACE)

Sunday was an experiment in patience as we were set to go to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans but Hurricane Patricia had different plans for us, namely, sitting in a crowded airport waiting for a plane...but see what had happened was, the mechanic was not happy with the plane we were planning to board.  So we were put on mechanical delay.  I sent Daddy Bun in search of my favorite waiting food, Funyuns....but guess what, NO FUNYUNS.  My patience was really tested as we were shuffled from gate to gate waiting on a replacement plane.  Finally, 2.5 hours later we boarded a functioning plane and set out for Orlando.   We made it home about midnight, bags soaked from the rain, bellies hungry from our peanut dinner...but we were home and my fur family was excited!

This is Daddy Bun, Ruby and I as we were leaving, before she got very sad and cried.  She did not want us to leave and it was hard to say goodbye.  I hope to be back with them VERY SOON.

We love you guys!