Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Subscription Boxes

These days it seems like EVERYONE has a subscription box, but my personal favorites are the makeup and beauty boxes. I had no idea about these until I searched for the perfect gift for a fellow makeup addict. That is where I stumbled upon BoxyCharm....

THE greatest makeup subscription in...dare I say it...the history of Everdom!

My husband, a man who keeps detailed notes on the things I mention throughout the year that I want, a man who keeps and maintains a list of my sizes from bra to shoe...yes, bras, tees, baby tees (he separated the two based on my style preferences)...he is truly a KEEPER!  

Back to the action and not the man behind it, using his handy-dandy notebook he ordered me a different subscription box...GASP!!  He didn't know I had learned that BoxyCharm sends FULL SIZE products to your door...STOP.  What?  Full size?  Uh, yes people, full size products. He had no idea what he had done...HOWEVER, as a thankful wife should be, I eagerly accepted my monthly sub-box from him, no matter it's origin. It was thoughtful so I didn't burden him with details, and it gave me a good comparison on the two boxes.  I relied solely on the opinions of my fellow makeup addict on her BoxyCharm experience and she relied solely on me to deliver the news on the "other" box.  The OTHER box is one of these listed here.... 

Well the verdict is in people...and BoxyCharm won by a LANDSLIDE.  I compared our boxes for three consecutive months, May, June and July.  The other box just didn't have a chance!  Everything was sample size, the items were sometimes broken when received, it was just...OKAY.  The BoxyCharm subscription box however, was AH-MAY-ZING.  Full size products!  She received a full palette of eye-shadow (Makeup 101: a palette is a collection of several shades in one container).  Most of her boxes retailed for over $125 so do the math, three months = $375 worth of product.  And I'm resourceful, so even if I didn't USE all of the makeup I am surrounded by people who would love to share.    So when my sub-box subscription ended, I can't say I was sad to see it go. 

But, I loved to watch it leave when I got email confirmation today that my hubby gave me a BoxyCharm subscription!!!  (GASP....pause...pause....wait girl you gotta breathe...)


Now I get my own awesome box of makeup and beauty products every month.  The cost of the box is $21 per month.  Yes, I said $21 per month.  That is $21 per month from Little Bun's budget.  I consider every dollar I spend or save because Little Bun is coming out of our own pockets, no insurance coverage.  But Daddy Bun is OK with the small investment for me each month.  He really loves me.  REALLY LOVES ME y'all!  I am so thankful for him and he thoughtful gifts!