Thursday, October 22, 2015

That One Time I Messed Up Our Flights

Hilariously funny story but not really.

Today we were due to fly out of Orlando to New Orleans to visit our favorite Mississippi Family...ok fine it's our only Mississippi family...but who's counting!  

Here we you can see by our faces we are very excited...

So, we take our excited bodies to the Southwest ticket counter to check our bags and THEY CANNOT FIND OUR RESERVATION!  I'm dumbfounded...befuddled...bewildered...

And then I look down at my boarding pass...hey why does it say we are flying out of Orlando, we are in Tampa. 

AHHHHHH, we are in the wrong airport. YES, read that again folks, the WRONG AIRPORT.  Guess who booked our flight...Me!!!  I can feel my face get hot, my knees start to waver, I wonder if I am going to faint right there at the counter.

Nancy at the Southwest counter sets to work attempting to correct my GINORMOUSLY HUGE error and I'm using peripheral vision to see Daddy Bun's face, will I survive the heat that is going to come from this?  What is he going too say?  I prepare for the worst as. Nancy tells me all flights out tonight are booked solid. All flights out of Orlando are booked solid. We are not leaving today....and I am MORTIFIED. 

I handle all travel, all the time. I've been flying since I was three years old and booking flights that long too...KIDDING...but I KNOW BETTER folks. I know to book my flight out of Tampa. I never book out of Orlando. 

SIDE NOTE: never book a flight when you're in a sad or depressed mindset as you are likely to make an error of massive proportions such as this.

Nancy called her Supervisor who came out and arranged for us to fly out of Orlando tomorrow morning at GET charge. Even though they were out of the cheap fares, even though we are in the wrong airport, Southwest worked its magic and got us on a flight for no change in the fee. 

So we have a short delay, We are missing one whole night with our family but we will make the best of it. 

Tonight we go to the correct city, we are going to enjoy my most favorite food ever, Japanese, at Kobe and then we are
Going to head over to City Walk Orlando to find some trouble. As if I haven't made enough already!  Nice shoes right?!???

Special thanks to Nancy and Susan at Southwest for helping. 

Even more special thanks to Daddy Bun who's only response was, Don't worry, these things happen, it's OK. Not a yell, not an angry word, complete patience and understanding. Although I bet he doesn't let me book the flights next time! I have no idea why God blessed me with him, but I thank God he put us together.

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