Thursday, October 8, 2015

That One Time, on Vacation...

The Daddy Bun and I, we like movies. We like to sit together and watch amazingly awesome movies. Just this week we have seen:

Straight Outta Compton

Terminator: Genysys 

Fast and Furious 7 

We use Apple TV.  We are typically (although this is highly debated and most often recommended that we DO NOT do) watch TV in bed.  Yes folks, we are those lazy TV in the bed people. 

So this weekend I packed up our Apple TV (Mind you this is not an actual TV, and I only warn you of this because I did, in fact, think it was an actual TV).  Meet Apple TV:

And as if that wasn't difficult enough to has the tiniest of remotes. See below remote in my hubby's hand...

 So we pack the Apple TV, assuming we could just plug it in and continue "Bun Movie Marathon" and to my HORROR...we had a TV without HDMI connections.  

Wait. What??  No HDMI Apple TV...and no connections. Let that sink in. And before you wonder, yes I am a child who had a console TV with only four channels. I grew up through the entire Internet experience. I remember when AOL was the only way to get on the Internet...

And here we sit....prepared to watch the next movie in our list of favorites and we can't. We have...GASP....regular TV. And commercials.