Monday, October 19, 2015

The SAMPLE Experience

I failed to mention the hilarious experience Daddy Bun and I had with the Fertility Lab, which is conveniently located in the building behind Dr. Mark's office.  Thankfully we don't have to go to other labs, doctors or locations to perform any tests or procedures.  It's always going to be Dr. Mark. It's always in the same location.  That is SO VERY important to me.  Even though we brace a 1.5 hour haul each way, I am really comfortable with the doctors and staff.  They really made me feel at home.

They wanted a sample of Daddy Bun, so we were ushered into what I thought was a small room, NO it's a bathroom!  There is a small 13" TV with a VCR and headphones...inside drawers under the TV were VHS tapes, I cannot even repeat the titles because I literally explode with giggles every time.  No, I cannot handle some adult content or situations, I am a giggle-box.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to provide a sample in that environment with your wife GIGGLING about every aspect of the "sample room". We had a hard time (no pun intended y'all) getting our wits about us...OK was just me having trouble with it and I even wondered if he would just kick me out if I wasn't better behaved!  Skipping through the details, that little cup got placed in the box for observation and analysis and we waited to get the results from the review.

A little history on Daddy Bun, he had a vasectomy in 1998 and in 2007 he had it reversed.  Unfortunately, one side could not be connected successfully so THANKFULLY we got a 50% discount on that out of pocket surgery!  After the procedure we had his sperm analyzed and the results were less than stellar....actually they were crap and I was told if we wanted to have a baby IVF was the only way to succeed.  What a defeating result.  So much money invested in the reversal, not to mention the post-surgery care that involved..and talk about taking GREAT CARE in doing that...oh my heck!  You know you love your husband when you're that close to his hide-a-parts!!

We had a great time, considering we were cooped up in a tiny bathroom with VHS and the 2010 Tara Reid issue of Playboy!!  This is a journey for sure and I am SO THANKFUL that God blessed me with Daddy Bun!