Monday, November 9, 2015

Eyes Wide Shut...Daddy Bun's Ultrasounds

Today I had an opportunity to review the ultrasound diagnostic procedures Daddy Bun will be undergoing December 16 and I felt his trauma!  For any woman, having medical devices shoved in your lady parts is part of our annual exam.  It's not comfortable by any means, but after having them done for 15 or so years, you know what to expect when you see that cold metal speculum coming for you!

For Daddy Bun, the procedure, actually three procedures, covers the scrotum, testicles and prostate.  The first two, the man junk is just jellied up and the classic ultrasound device is used.  We get to see INSIDE his man junk (further references will be called MJ)  So looking at his MJ with a regular ultrasound instilled no fear in him. I told Daddy bun he would have jelly balls.  He sent me this picture and we laughed.
Daddy Bun's idea of Jelly Balls

Anyone know how you get a prostate ultrasound?  Well, let's just say the exit becomes an entrance and this invoked a fear in my husband that I've never seen.  He stopped short of running out of Dr. Mark's office screaming his head off, but I wondered if I would need to hold him by the belt loop just to be safe.  I chose the wait and see approach and he remained calm and cool.

I knew my procedures would likely be invasive but I have to say I was a little thankful I was not the only one being violated to procreate (sorry babe!).

Next SA comes on 12/02 and the ultrasounds and blood work will be reviewed on 12/16.  Anyone feel like this is taking FORRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR??