Tuesday, November 10, 2015

OH MY HECK the OPK's Work


This morning, I woke up at 6:40 to take my BBT (basel body temperature people!) and to start the whole OPK junk again.  Last month resulted in repeated big fat empty circles and I wanted to beat Daddy Bun with them for making me sprinkle on a stick every morning.  

By the way, why does ClearBlue make test strips so hard to open?  It's 6:40 in the morning, I am barely awake, and I have to tear into a test stick that is built like Fort Knox...all while holding my sprinkles?!  What a trap!  Work on that CB!  An EASY TEAR OPENING is not too much to ask when we are forking out $30 a box!

REFOCUS:  So I blindly stumble into the bathroom and sprinkle on the stick, I replace the cap and place it in sight for Daddy Bun and I return to bed.  Daddy Bun is now in charge of reading all results from my OPK's because it goes over better when he gently comes in the bedroom and says "nothing yet, I love you" and rubs my back (SUCH A KEEPER).

THIS MORNING however I hear something different, his tone is excited, he is whispering as loud as he can BABY, BABY, BABY.... and I muster the strength to see what it is and he tells me, "It's FLASHING a smiley".

I leap out of the bed and bolt into the bathroom and sure enough that thing was blinking a smiley face at me.  I stared at it, half expecting it to change to the big empty circle but it didn't.  I look at Daddy Bun and give him an enormous hug, my lady parts are working!  

I took a picture, well I took about 20 pictures because I was still not properly functioning and kept catching a blank screen.  I sent it to my mom with a DISCLAIMER that it was not a pregnancy test.  She told my brother who was super excited for us (his wife became pregnant through IUI as well so he understood the magnitude of my excitement).

Oh my heck y'all, my lady parts are WORKING!!  You would have thought I had a positive pregnancy test from my excitement.  Let's hope that happens someday!

Praying for a Big Fat Positive!