Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What Do You Mean Cycle Day 01??

Frustration and sadness and disappointment are just three words that come to mind as I was gifted on my birthday with the start of a new cycle which means NOT PREGNANT!

Of course I knew in my mind that I wouldn't be pregnant but there is some sort of disconnect between my heart and my mind because that pesky little heart of mine pounds out...THIS...COULD...BE...IT!

But it was not.  And so it goes...we start again.  I think this is especially difficult for Daddy Bun because he is the one picking up the pieces of my nearly forgotten broken heart (thanks Chris Cornell for that lyrical goodness) and carrying the burden of supporting me through the hormonal change and the disappointment of the start of a new cycle.  He has to deal with the rise and fall of my emotional state which can be a real test of patience and sanity.

We start next cycle with real medical intervention.  But I've got another 28 days to get there.  So here we go again...