Thursday, December 31, 2015

Baseline Ultrasound Day

Today marked Ultrasound number one for IUI cycle #01.  I would like to call it the ONLY IUI cycle we need, but let's be realistic here...this might be the first of many cycles and it might be the only cycle.  Will it work?  Will it fail?  I refuse to get caught up in that concern...this is a marathon and I barely completed a 4K, let's just go with we are doing an IUI this cycle and we shall see how it turns out!

As we start this first cycle I want to thank God for giving me Daddy Bun for his support on this road.  Daddy Bun has been a rock for me, a true blessing from God given right to me.  Proof in the flesh that God loved me enough to send me a special partner to be with me and love me unconditionally, through the sunshine and the rain, through the fire and the flames.  Plus, let's face it, this journey requires a certain part of each of us so if either was not on board...we sure wouldn't get very far!

Much love and thanks to my sweet hubby, Daddy Bun, for being there for me every single step of this road.

I can be a bit of a silly bear when it comes to things of a serious nature.  ESPECIALLY in a doctor's office because they have so many fun things to touch and bother...and Daddy Bun is always wide eyed thinking...oh my heck, this is the woman I married?  YES YOU DID!!  And I'm a keeper! Daddy Bun is my photo-journalist for this journey and has agreed to document in pictures so we can share this journey for others.  Infertility is NOT FUN, but it can be funny!
Example of FUNNY Infertility Journalism...

Here you see the proper use of an ultrasound wand when there are not medical staff in the room.  Should a medical professional enter the room while this is going want to quickly toss the ultrasound wand to your spouse and look completely innocent, possibly even adding a quiet whistling sound to denote you are, in fact, doing nothing wrong.  A mild shrug of the shoulders can also add the effect that your spouse is playing in the room when they're supposed to be serious.  (sorry Daddy Bun, we all have to take one for the team sometimes)

My friend Desirae sent me a wonderful care package this week, it's like her timing was PERFECT for this ultrasound.  Her care package included these FANTABULOUS Sock Money socks...and what better place to wear these socks than when you're monkeying around in an ultrasound room!  While I still have a broken foot and I still am supposed to be wearing that stupid boot, I was able to take it off for this awkward would having that huge boot be trying to set it in a stirrup?  I'm telling y'all there are some places you just can't wear the boot!   Since I can get undressed in about .8 seconds flat, we had plenty of time to take pics of these awesome socks so Little Bun will know that we had support from all over on our journey.  Desirae is from Connecticut so guess what, we have a place to stay should we ever get up that far north!

Also enclosed in her box was an initial bracelet, which I am wearing in this photo, a worry doll which I carried with me in my pocket (of the pants that were on the floor) and a PRAYER BOX.  It was the BEST gift EVER!  Packed with goodies to get me going and the prayer box I will be using not only for me, but for all of my TTC sisters that I've met on this journey!

Keeping with the spirit of putting the FUN in Infertility...yes I know it doesn't technically fit and no I do not care...Here is Sock Money trying to sing a few bars of Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys in the ultrasound wand...he is not as good a singer as I am, so let that be a lesson in sock monkey karaoke!  I loved how this pair of smiling sock monkey's just smiled at me through the whole procedure and does it get any cuter than that, two little sock monkeys there to get you through?  And as we all know, the PAPER SHEET OF we see Sock Monkey trying out the paper sheet of shame.  I still cannot fathom how a sheet thinner than Disney toilet paper is all they give you in a room kept at a paltry 68°.  Since Sock Monkey is made of soft and fuzzy materials, he did not even care that the paper sheet was that thin.  

Mary, our favorite ultrasound tech, arrived before the Sock Monkey's got too out of control and she noted that she too was a HUGE FAN of Sock Monkey's...which made them smile (either that or they're sewn that way).  She set to work with my lady bits to check out the insides of Hunny Bunny and today, you get to see them too!!  My uterus is looking healthy and ready for a Little Bun should this be the cycle for us!  We even got a great shot of the follies in my right ovary as they prepare for that little egg to rupture!  They call me a selfie queen, and as queen I needed to be sure to take a selfie with the old Ultrasound Machine, it seems we've become quite friendly since we started this journey.  This thing sees parts of me that not even Daddy Bun has seen....except on a monitor! HA!

Once we completed the ultrasound and everything looked great, Daddy Bun reminded me that he did say it would all be perfect and HE WAS RIGHT!  He loves to be right and I don't mind when it's in my favor!  I love that guy, he really is a keeper.

We went to the Teaching Room next...I imagined walls decorated with the ABC's of Infertility but alas, it was not the way I pictured in my head.  Mary gave me a calendar and the prescription for Letrozole as well as the instructions to take two per day for the next five days.  So let's check the old calendar shall we??

Letrozole through Sunday January 3.  
On Tuesday January 5 we will start with the good old Clearblue Easy OPK's to start looking for that LH surge.  
Thursday, January 7 at 9:30 we go back to FertilityCARE for a second ultrasound to see how those follies are growing.
We will start to prepare for our Ovedril trigger shot when we hit that LH surge on the OPK.
48-36 hours from the Trigger Shot we will be doing the IUI!  

Then it's another TWW...and this will by far be the longest TWW in the history of Everdom.  Thankfully I have lots of things to keep me busy from my past post on the TWW (check that out HERE if you're stuck in the TWW)

Oh my heck y''s HERE!!!  The IUI cycle is finally here!