Monday, December 28, 2015

January IUI is FINALLY Upon Us!

It's HERE y'all!!  It's finally here!  We have been testing and sonogramming and HSGing and more testing and we have finally been approved by our RE and the Urologist for a January IUI cycle.

It seems like a YEAR since the December IUI was cancelled, yet it's really only been four I am probably a little OVERLY excited about this procedure.  That is terribly risky behavior in the TTC Community...overly excited leads to overly heartbroken.  I spent cycle after cycle getting overly excited only to be heartbroken staring at a BFN but that was all trying naturally.  The heartbreak when science is involved is a whole new battlefield for this girl.  So I'm thankful to be praying and doing two Bible Plans through YouVersion to keep me focused on believing that whatever happens is in God's plan for the Buns.  I'd love to say, "God give me a baby, give me that BFP this month"...but I don't do that anymore.  I don't ask for what I want, I ask for him to keep me faithful in his plans for me on this journey.  I ask God to be a light for me so that I may be a light to another.  Someone is on this road, someone is lost in darkness so I pray that He can help me to help them.  Whether I get pregnant or not I will be joyful because He is with me.  What could be better than that, I mean...OBVI having a baby would be amazeballs too, I cannot deny that!

This is not going to affect my Stork Trials and I promise to keep you updated on the weekly events as promised so those of you ready to try The StorkOTC can keep up with me!  This week we are unboxing the StorkOTC and reading the directions...GASP...yes y'all I am actually reading the directions.  And not only that, I have Customer Service just a phone call away!  Why risk ruining a perfectly good ICI device when you can call ahead with questions and have someone, an actual HUMAN discuss those questions and give you answers??  The Stork Trials will continue!!!

But after much prayer and thought, we decided that we must try the IUI as planned originally before The StorkOTC sent me those two lovely Christmas gifts that fit snugly into my tree.  Should the IUI not take this cycle, we will be purchasing a THIRD StorkOTC and using three of them back to back days for the highest chance.  Holding on The StorkOTC this month also gives hubby's Clomid a chance to work through his system and possibly increase his count and motility, giving the ICI a better chance to work.    So again, The Stork Trials will continue and this FRIDAY we are unboxing The StorkOTC!

Wednesday morning, 9:30am we will make the trek over to FertilityCARE in Winter Park for our Day 4 baseline ultrasound.  Why a baseline ultrasound?  The RE wants to make sure everything is looking good to go for the IUI.  It's really not what they are looking for, it's what they're NOT looking for...and that is cysts.  You see, on day 4 of my cycle I should have any large follies hanging out there, and if there are large follies present, that is a sign of cysts...they will not want to do a cycle with cysts present.  There is always a chance we come into the RE on Wednesday and they find a cyst and say, you know...NO.  And BOOM, back on hold we go.  But since I am not a fortune teller and I don't trust that Magic 8 Ball, we are going on faith and prayer.  Praying all goes well for a great baseline ultrasound...which means a boring scan.

I will be prescribed Femara (Letrozole) for five days, twice a day.  Dr. Mark calls this the "gold standard for fertility meds because it has less side effects than Clomid and less chances for multiples.  Daddy Bun and I are really looking to stay out of the multiple zone.  Add to that my Grandma was sister to twins and my Grandpa was brother to twins, well...we just would like to start with ONE BUN IN THE OVEN.  I don't know yet if we will trigger with Ovidrel but I'll get that information on Wednesday.  We will go back on January 3 to see how the follies are coming along.

For now, I say that 2016 is the year of Little Bun.  I am claiming that this will be our year.  I am claiming that this will be our cycle!

I will keep you all posted!!