Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Fertile Box...a Care Package for the TTC Sisters

Small Box...yes, this is the SMALL ONE!
**UPDATE**  Thanks to Grace who let me know that the creator of Fertile Gems is also the creator of FertileBox and the bonus pen was the item from Kristin Schumucker!  Without the help of others, sometimes even I don't get it right!  I want to be sure and credit Fertile Gems for expanding and creating the FertileBox as well!'ALL!  Have you heard of Fertile Box??  Well, before I started my Instagram account, I had not heard of Fertile Box either so don't feel bad for being in the dark, but if you are still in the dark after this post, then it is all ON YOU!

Fertile Box is not a subscription box.  It's a box that is prepared monthly, but you don't have the burden of paying each month for a box you may or may not enjoy.  You're notified via email of each box's release and you are able to purchase the box upon release.  Each box has a small version and a full version.  This month to try it out, I purchased the small version.  It comes with three featured items and two BONUS items for $25.  I received my box on Saturday, and I was SPEECHLESS, literally blown away (I mean, you should have seen my hair...I was so blown away it was like I'd been in a wind tunnel).

SIDE NOTE: The FULL SIZE version of the box is $37 but if you subscribe to their emails, they send coupons to save.  The difference this month was the full size box came with an adorable coffee mug and a full size Beauty in the Bible coloring book.  

The box, unwrapped
On to the BOX!!!  Each month, they create a different theme and this month they created a Faith Box bursting with amazing gifts to help TTC sisters like myself on our journey to conceive.  As a subscription box addict, I was prepared for a box of goodies, but I've seen them come dumped in a bag, or even just rolling around in empty tissue paper (I don't get THOSE boxes anymore!)  Sealed inside tissue paper with a Fertile Box sticker, I didn't even want to open it!  But you know I did!!  As I gently tore open the sticker sealing the faith box, I couldn't help but feel gleeful, and y'all....they tells you what is coming in the box.  You know before you buy exactly what you are getting...and I was still absolutely joyous when I opened that tissue paper.  I just didn't expect to see so much care put into this, created by one person.  It's not a big company dumping items into a box on a conveyor, this is carefully thought out and created for women just like me! You can tell LOVE was put into making this.  They sprinkles little bonus items in the box which were like a happy prize for me.  

I received a mini-Beauty in the Bible coloring book, and if you aren't on the coloring train, people have caught on that adults still like to color.  You can find awesome coloring books that are so much better than Barbie or Dora!  This was a mini-version of the full size coloring book that came in the full sized box and one I've looked at purchasing myself.  The pages are thick white paper and you can use markers or crayons or pencils (I use watercolor pencils when I color).  I find coloring relaxes me when I'm stressed and this is Bible based, BONUS!

Next in the box was a heart shaped Bracelet on a card that reminds you to Let your Faith be Bigger than your Fear.  It's a simple bracelet but the meaning behind it when you wear it is what is important.  This items was a BONUS item in the box and I LOVED it!

Also enclosed were (2) 5x7 prints about faith, one with a verse from Hebrews 11:1, "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see".  A perfect reminder for those on this journey.   These can go on our fridge as a reminder to  or even put in a frame for a lovely piece of art.  I was expecting to receive one 5x7 print, but I got TWO!  Another lovely surprise in the box!

In a small box wrapped with lace was Fertile Gems necklace, a turquoise dove, you had the choice of turquoise or amazonite, but I being a lover of the color blue, chose the turquoise.  From the website, Fertile Box states:

Turquoise a great healing stone that strengthens and calms the mind and body, dissolves negativity and restores peace. It stimulates concentration and focus, boosts self-esteem, treats insomnia and anxiety.

These are areas in which I struggle so I was thrilled to have a stone in a color that I loved and that possessed qualities that focus on specific areas I struggle.  

 As a FREE bonus, I got a pen which always comes in handy when you're TTC and need to take notes at a doctor appointment so that was promptly put into my handbag.

And in EVERY BOX they send three OPK test strips and two HPT tests PLUS a small bag of baby dust...we TTC'ers love to spread baby dust when we are talking with our TTC sisters so I put this into my bag as well so I can carry the baby dust with me.  A bonus FAITH sticker and Faith Makes All Things Possible  card were also enclosed.  

Can you believe this?  All this love and care put into a box for a TTC sister.  This could be a gift for a struggling friend or relative, a treat for a special wife, me, a present to yourself!  The struggle to beat infertility is a journey 1 in 8 woman must face in their lives, and there are some who never get the BFP they desire.  My Fertile Box is a care package that brought a huge smile to my face during this struggle.

But be careful, FertileBox only makes a limited number of boxes, and when they're gone....they're gone.  So get right over to My Fertile Box and sign up to receive the emails!  You will know when each box is ready, the theme of the box, and even get a coupon from time to time.  I am so excited to ask Daddy Bun to get me the CURRENT BOX....the Think Happy Thoughts Collection!  Head over to My Fertile Box and check out the collection now!

*I bought and paid for my box, I didn't receive anything to do this review, I just wanted to share this AH-MAY-ZING box and all the goodies inside!!

I am sharing this on Amateur Nester's Tuesday Linkup!  Have you checked out Amateur Nester?  Talk about a "home" for those who are struggling with infertility.  Lisa overcame her struggle and is a true testament to the journey of couples TTC with faith and science.  Check out her blog by clicking this link below!  You will NOT BE SORRY!!