Friday, December 18, 2015

The StorkOTC Review...The Background

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Daddy Bun and I were chosen to receive two free StorkOTC at home insemination kits in exchange for an honest review on the product. Amazon lists the cost of a twin pack of StorkOTC at $152 (HERE).  So I was gifted $152 in product to simply check it out, try it, and let readers know what I think of it.

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We're breaking this up into weekly posts because we figured it would be less of an information overload if we did this a piece at a time.  Plus we would love to answer any questions you might have along the way so feel free to use the COMMENTS section below or even the CONTACT section on the right if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Background of The Buns (right NOW!)
ICI vs. IUI and Dissecting The StorkOTC 
and FINALLY, Using The StorkOTC
Post TWW Follow Up 

Let's start with why they chose The Buns as good candidates for this.  If you don't know our infertility story, check HERE.  Daddy Bun and I are dealing primarily with MFI (male factor infertility).  As we've progressed through the testing and SA's (semen analysis) we know the factors that are causing this MFI.

Daddy Bun had a vasovasectomy in 2007, he was only able to have one side reconnected.  He is a carrier for CFΔF508...which is a Cystis Fibrosis mutation contributing to his MFI.  In addition, he has low testosterone.  So together, my hubby has one side reconnected post vasectomy reversal, a CF mutation and low testosterone levels all contributing to his MFI. 

From 2007 until 2009, Daddy Bun and I actively TTC.  I spent 14 months in agonizing TWW's, effectively wasting money of HPT after HPT which only showed one pink or one blue line.  I learned to hate the TWW, learned every aspect of pre-pregnancy symptoms and their likeness to AF symptoms...I studied positions, vitamins, nutrition, and Dr. Google.  I became acutely aware of every cramp, pull, tug, soreness, tenderness, and BFP.  

In 2009 we provided an SA to our urologist and waited anxiously for the results.  When they called and told me we had about 5mil motile sperm in the sample, I felt my hopes crumble.  We didn't have the numbers for an IUI, and we would need to have IVF with ICSI to achieve a pregnancy.  This was a cost we simply could NOT afford. Hubby and I agreed to keep TTC naturally with the poor numbers and hope for a miracle baby.  

2010 - no baby...all my friends are having babies.

2011 - no baby...I've stopping taking HPT's.

2012 - no baby...I'm losing the little hope that I have.

2013 - no baby...I give up.  I've lost hope, there is no use to keep trying.  I crumble into depression.  I don't want to be a part of anything.

2014 - Our finances come together, but by then the damage between Daddy Bun and I reaches astronomical levels.  I resent him for his MFI, I blame him because I'm not a mother.  I resent our life.  I resent our friends.  I resent anyone with a baby, having a baby, trying to conceive a baby...and I resent babies.  I am the Hot Mess Express and the train is flying through station after station, no brakes, not stopping.     

2015 - Hubby hops aboard the Hot Mess Express and yanks on the emergency brake.  We agree to pursue infertility treatments with the expectation that they may not work, but the knowledge that we are making an effort is enough to pull me off the train.  Hubby adjusts his alcohol, his diet and his vitamins.  He takes a vitamin regimen concoction he created and in October, his SA came back with better counts, motility and progressive movement.  His viscosity is still high and his morphology is too low, but we were overjoyed with the overall result.  We have crossed into IUI territory!!

That brings us to RIGHT NOW, TODAY!  We are currently approved for IUI in January 2016. Daddy Bun is now on Clomid and he wants to give the medicine some time to try to improve his numbers and have another SA to see if there is some improvement.  The better our numbers, the more likely an IUI will work.  This rolls us into February and allows us a chance to try The StorkOTC at home in January.

My cycle will start December 28-29 and that puts us using the at home conception kit between January 5-10.  We are excited to be candidates for The StorkOTC and look forward to sharing the results with you all.  We;ve added a new page to the website dedicated to The StorkOTC and our efforts.  Check back for updates soon!

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ICI vs. IUI and Dissecting The StorkOTC