Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's Next for the Buns??

It's December...YAY!!  I am so excited for this holiday season.  Daddy Bun and I are stronger than ever and I have to stop and thank God for placing him in my life.

Thank you God for the amazing man you gave me, he is strong, loyal, loving, and kind.  He takes wonderful care of me and his devotion to our family surpasses any other man I've ever known.  I am blessed to be called his wife and blessed to have him on this journey with me.  

This month, our fertility journey is on going to be picking up a little speed.  We have several procedures going on and are excited to get to work!  First is my WHAT??

My Sonohysterography....more commonly called a saline sonogram is the next procedure in line for this Hunny Bunny.  The "Salt-Sono" as I've nicknamed it, is designed to examine my uterus to investigate what my RE believes to be a polyp on the left side wall of my uterus.  He believes this could be hindering our fertility because an egg can't implant on a polyp.  This was my first infertility whammy, and thankfully it's a problem that can be easily solved. I consider this a blessing to be only deterred by a polyp but at the same time I feel sort of awkward saying I'm infertile when so many of my TTC Sisters have more difficult obstacles hindering their ability to conceive.  BUt we are all in this together, whether it's PCOS, Endo, or MFI that is the issue.  And like I always say, it's a bump in the road, not a dead end.  Let's stay focused and have faith we will end up at the end of the right road, BFP Avenue!

Last time I went for my HSG, I forgot some KEY ITEMS...namely a maxi-pad for subsequent drainage and Tylenol to prevent pain.  I also think I need a pillow to sit on because I swear I felt every single bump on the highway on the road trip home.  I will BE PREPARED this trip!

So the Salt-Sono is much like the nemesis, the speculum will be there, my cervix will once again be "cleaned" truly y'all...I shower but in my lifetime my cervix has been cleaned only once, last month so I'm guessing it won't be as dirty as last time around.  Then using a catheter they're going to add saline to my uterus and poke around in there to see if I have a polyp or (praying) whatever he saw on my HSG has miraculously disappeared.  If it is, in fact, a uterine polyp, we will be scheduled to have it surgically removed later this month.  

I don't wanna have something surgically removed (in my whiney wife voice with my sad face).  
Now, while all this is going on, I will INSIST that Daddy Bun be present because if I can just see him in the room I will feel better about the procedure.  I am hoping they don't deny my request because then I'll have to turn on the waterworks and risk my mascara running...and Hunny Bunny doesn't like to waste mascara!

In addition, Daddy Bun will be providing another SA...this time it will include a test wash to see how many motile and progressive swimmers we have.  This will help determine if we can try an IUI or if the Urologist will recommend IVF.  Dr. Witt travels down from Atlanta and I have a TTCSister in Jacksonville who is seeing him as well.  He really is the BEST in the Southeast.  I was present for his first SA but I think it would be better if I let him do that on his own this time...I was so enthralled with the magazines and VHS tapes (yesssss...VHS TAPES) that it was hard for him to focus on the job to be completed...sorry Daddy Bun!  To get the best test possible I think I better sit that one out!

One week later, we will return to Fertility CARE and meet with Dr. Witt to review the results.  Daddy Bun will also be undergoing his sonograms...and that makes me feel somewhat vindicated that I am not the only one getting poked and prodded in the private bits.  I am not allowed to be in the room for that, as there are items going in places that we will not disclose...but you KNOW where I'm talking y'all!

So December 16 we will review the SA, the sonograms and determine if Daddy Bun has any blockages or other roadblocks that could be taking us in the opposite direction from BFP Avenue.  While we won't be pursuing any surgical procedures for him, we do want to know what odds are against us.  So in 14 days y'all I will know what direction we are heading....ACCKKKKKK!!!

I am so excited to get this show back on the road, I'm feeling like a Circus Carny in the off season! 

 So this is where the Buns are now y'all!  I am praying God's plan is a BFP in 2016!  I will give you all the deets on the Salt-Sono next week!  I'm sure there will be a laugh or two in there!         

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