Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Bun's First IUI

Just waiting on Daddy Bun

Well that was really fast!  We completed the IUI on Friday.  The procedure came in two steps.  First, Daddy Bun had to provide a sample in the lab.  The lab is LITERALLY the building behind FertilityCARE.  Then the sample was washed down and the good swimmers were placed in a vial and taken from the Lab to the procedure room.  I think the IUI might have been faster than the walk from the Lab to FertilityCARE y'all...I mean really...it seemed like it was so fast.

And guess how they arrived?!  In a little red igloo cooler with a flip top!  I had to make sure the sample we got was, in fact, our sample.  I mean I've heard horror stories of mix-ups and I did not want to be a horror story!

So after carefully making sure the contents were, in fact, the Bun's, it was off to the procedure room to do the IUI.  Wow, I was a little nervous.  I mean, it's not every day the swimmers are literally placed closer to the motherland than ever before.  Whether or not one makes it, we knew for sure this was the BEST head start they've ever had!

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Just beyond my socks on the table in the corner is the vial holding our potential Little Bun.  I can guarantee that when we show baby picture to our Little Bun, we will remind that kid that we had a photo of them before it all began.  But don't worry guys and dolls, that is the closest you will get to seeing that sample!

Amy, the IUI nurse, performed our procedure instead of Dr. Trolice.  I was a little surprised it was not Dr. Mark since he performed all the other procedures, but I trust Amy so I didn't have any qualms about her doing the IUI.  She had to use two different speculums because GUESS WHAT, my cervix was "hiding".  As she searched around for it, I thought to myself...well I didn't have any qualms about Amy doing it....but now I'm starting to wonder...so out went the classic nemesis speculum and she switched to what I considered the "big guns" which wasn't that different but it was different enough to hear the words "There it is!"  "Thank goodness!" I proclaimed, I didn't think I dropped it anywhere!

That part truly was the worst of the IUI.  Once she found my cervix it took about 60 seconds.  A syringe and catheter into the cuterus and she was done!  I laid there for a bit, marinating in the events that just transpired.  Daddy Bun was there for the whole procedure and held my hand as we waited.  For once, we knew with absolute certainty, that the swimmers made it farther than they'd ever gone before.  They were given a head start through the most difficult part of their journey to an egg.     

In fact, the first thing I wondered was how in the world do the sperm know where to go?  So my TTC Sisters on Instagram pointed me toward a documentary called The Great Sperm Race.  It's a fantastic look at the journey of sperm.  They actually "size up" sperm to human size and use people to represent the sperm.  Don't cringe, it's an amazing documentary!  You should DEFINITELY give that a google and check it out.  You learn about the treacherous journey that sperm take to get to an egg and it will leave you wondering how people get pregnant at all?  Let's just say, the odds are never in their favor!  And we got a shortcut past some of the most difficult obstacles!  In a fertile male, only about 3,000 sperm make it to the uterus and we deposited 7.5 million there!  Below is a link from Dark Roasted Blend that gives a great synopsis of the show.

check it out here: Dark Roasted Blend
This was not our best sample by way of count, however the motility was the best we've seen since we started TTC in 2007.  93% motility y'all...that's pretty amazing!  Dr. Witt likes to see the total count about 10 million for an IUI and post-wash we were 7.5 million.  Things went so quickly from the sonogram to the trigger shot to the IUI, I don't think we had enough time to get the best sample for this procedure.  But, like many people say, it only takes ONE good swimmer to get to that egg.  So we remain hopeful that this IUI will be a success.

We will keep you posted on our journey as we attempt to make a baby with the help of science!