Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Great Makeup Swap - First Steps - Where to Shop

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the second installment of The Great Makeup Swap!  For a look back at the products that took a hike form my vanity, check HERE and you'll also get a brief look as to what brought me here!

This is my TTC TWW Project.  My what?!?  If you're reading those words with confusion it's safe to assume you came here for the Makeup Swap and didn't realize you stumbled across an Infertility Blog.  But that's right y'all this is an Infertility Blog and while I'm moving slowly through the Two Week Wait between my first IUI and the day I can find out if it was successful, I decided to apply some of my knowledge from the book It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett.  If you haven't read the book, you should check it out.  This book covers many obstacles that could be affecting the health and quality of your eggs, which could hinder pregnancy.  Even if you're not TTC, you could benefit from the knowledge this book provides.

One of the obstacles that could be affect my egg quality are parabens, phthalates and other toxic chemicals found in makeup.  NOOOOOOOOOO, not the makeup!!!!  My vanity of goodies from drugstores, ULTA and Sephora screamed in agony as I rifled through it trying to determine which products could stay and which products had to go based on their ingredients.  It was quite simple, step one, find a trustworthy source to seek out the toxicity of the ingredients.  Step two, let them go.

I chose the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (HERE).  I can search by product, brand name or I can search by ingredient which makes this pretty comprehensive.  Sometimes the ingredient was easy to find, if it says the word PARABEN, you know it's toxic.  Other times, it's a little trickier as some products don't openly state their toxic ingredients.

If you have a ton of them like I did (to the left is my foundations and you can see, I have a bit of a problem in this department) you can even sell them on Glambot which is a site that you can send your used makeup and they will give you pennies (literally) on the dollar for the makeup you don't need.  Let's just say on my first attempt at selling to Glambot I sent well over 40 items, over $600 worth, many unused or used only once or twice and I was given about $100.  I guessed $100 was more than the NOTHING I was getting leaving them in a vanity drawer so I begrudgingly accepted it.  They sent me a free label and very specific instructions for packaging and within three weeks I had $100 in my hands for GUESS WHAT...more toxic makeup.  The catch is you have to have at least 20 items.  Since I had a full 15 shade MAC palette, and they count each shade as 1 item, I hit 40 pretty quickly.  But again, it was pennies on the dollar and a LOT of people were less than thrilled with the offers coming from Glambot.  If you don't like the offer, they will ship it back, at YOUR cost.  For me, I'm dropping toxic for natural and if I can get even $50 I will be happy.

Now, once you've discarded your toxins, you have to start replacing them.  (INSERT CHERUBS AND ANGELS SINGING HERE).  This was the best part of the Swap.  Buying NEW makeup!  But where will it come from?  What brand should I choose?  What if I hate it?  These questions flew through my mind.  So I began to study brands and websites that carried the products I sought.

As I studied, I came across my first two sites to use in lieu of shopping at Sephora and ULTA.  They were my go-to beauty sites where I could spend hours just staring at beauty products online and ogling over colors and liners and mascara, but when I realized most of the products offered were on my Graveyard list, I knew I had to find a safer place to drool over makeup.  And I found TWO!  Are there others?  I'm sure there are!  But these two are good enough for Hunny Bunny so give them a try.  If you're not satisfied, keep searching!  I'll be doing the same.  If you find another site that sells multiple brands such as these, let me know in the comments below!  The two I've fallen for are:

Both of these sites stock natural and organic beauty products. Credo Beauty even has a link to Clean Swaps, which is EXACTLY what I'm doing!  It has a vast list of products to swap out if you find your staples on the list.  Find the link HERE to the swaps!  What a great little assistant to help on the journey!

Now, I'm not saying every product will meet my personal requirements, but they sure pack a punch when it comes to a safer alternative to the toxins in most of my beauty products.  I recommend checking the ingredients on any and all products, even those listed as natural and healthy just to be safe!

I have already purchased a few things from a few different places and we will cover those in another post.  For now, check out your makeup arsenal.  See what toxins are in your products.  Decide to make a change.  And then do it, even if it is one product at a time!  A change doesn't need to be overnight.  It can be gradual.  Just pledge to make the change and keep taking those steps to improve.  I'm right here with you, every step of the way!