Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Great Makeup Swap - The New Holy Grail of Bronzers

HELLO my fabulous friends and welcome to the next installment of The Great Makeup Swap.  This is a project I started after reading the book It Starts With the Egg by Rebecca Fett.  If you're just arriving, you can get the scoop on this new series by checking out my first two posts:

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TGMS - First Steps - Where to Shop

Today I am covering bronzer, so meet the products exiting my vanity.  Too Faced Soul Mates and Benefit Hoola Bronzer.  This collection is nothing like my foundation hoard because I truly thought the Hoola powder was the perfect bronzer for me.  I mean look at the Soul Mates compact, it was barely touched!  Mostly because when I got it I realized it had a horrible orange sheen on my cheeks and I'm just not in the market to look like an Oompa-Loompa from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  That Hoola powder is the second one I've owned and it was scraping the sides of the pan which meant it was time for a refill.  That matte coverage felt like true makeup love to me so I was sad to find it was riddled with parabens.   

So, now that you're caught up on what is going on, and you see the products that are leaving the vanity, let's hit the first new product that went to HOLY GRAIL status immediately.

This comes from Root Pretty which is a small company based out of  Waverly, Iowa.  It was founded by Krista Dolash in 2013.  The great thing about Root Pretty aside from the Vegan and Natural products she creates is that these items are at an excellent price point for the consumer.  You won't find $50 foundations or $30 blush.  Another benefit of Root Pretty is SAMPLES...yes you can get sample sizes of some of her products for $2 plus shipping.  Try a color before you commit to it!

Vanity Shot of the bronzer, applied under
cheekbones, across forehead and under jawbone.
So what product won my heart in one swipe?  The Sunkissed Bronze Powder.  When I swept this four ingredient mineral bronzer across my cheeks, I did a double take.

Could it be?  
The perfect replacement for my  Paraben-laden bronzer?   
It was!  

The chemical clouds parted and this Sunkissed Bronzer shined radiantly on my cheeks.  I was thrilled!  Immediately I ran outside to see if it was shimmery or sparkly and it was NOT!  It's the perfect color to contour my cheeks and to add a little color in these "winter" months of Florida.  While I like the ease of contouring with cream products, I find that they clog my pores around my hairline so I contour with powder products exclusively.  This bronzer is the perfect contouring color for my skintone.

Now, let's get to the details on this lovely product of perfection!  Here is a photo of the bronzer, and this features a locking sifter, so you can leave this open or lock it closed so no product escapes. I like to leave it halfway open so I can tap out a small amount and save product. 

Size: 0.2oz, 
Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Mica, Zinc Oxide. 
Cost: $11. 
Colors: Light, Original and Sunkissed.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, did I just write $11??  Yes, I did!  My chemical-laden Hoola bronzer was $30!  So not only am I losing the toxicity of five, count them five parabens, I am saving over 60% on the cost.  Do the makeup math folks, that is almost three for the price of one!  My wallet is singing praises to my face right now!

So let's review, there are NO parabens, NO fillers, NO phthalates, NO formaldyhyde, and NO cyanide in this product!  This meets my requirements for TGMS!  Now, I'm going to be straight up with you guys, the ingredients Mica and Titanium Dioxide are currently under hot debate in the cosmetic community.  But there is really no evidence that I can find that makes these two items toxic in my opinion.  If you have evidence that these are, in fact, toxic ingredients, I do encourage you to comment below or contact me using The Brains Behind the Blog section on the right column of this blog.  My aim is to find the right products for our skin and I am always ready to accept factual knowledge from a fellow reader or makeup guru!

So what if you're not a loose powder bronzing gal?  Is there an alternative?  A contouring stick perhaps?  Why YES, there is!!  It's made by Vapour Organic Beauty.  Vapour Beauty is another organic brand that will ship you samples.  For $15 you can select five different samples, from their foundation to bronzer to lip or eye-shadow.  So far I've tried a few of their items and their bronzer was included in my first sample purchase.  The Vapour Organic Solar Transleucent Bronzer glides on smooth and blends effortlessly with a sponge or brush. Now this is a pricier option, running at $36 for 0.24oz but if you're a real die-hard cream or stick bronzer gal, this could be the winning product for you.  If you decide to choose some samples from Vapour I suggest the bronzer as one of the five options to try!

But Hunny Bunny, I just want to drive down to the drug store and pick something safe, can I do that?? 

YESSSS you can my friends!  This product comes from Physician's Formula and is available at the drug store so you can just hop in your car and drive down and pick it up.  The product is Organic Wear Bronzer and PLEASE make sure you choose the correct one as Physician's Formula, despite the name, has many products that rate toxic!  No toxins for this girl!!  This runs about $14 and blends well into your skin, it sweeps on with an included flat brush and comes in light and medium formulas. Now I prefer medium but if you're a porcelain lovely, try the light.  I really like this as pressed powder bronzing option and it's usually just a drive away. 

But for me, I'm sticking with the Root Pretty, loose powder. It's perfect for my skin, only has four ingredients, and the locking softer really makes sure I don't use excess product. 

So now that I've left you with THREE potential bronzing options, in three different types, a loose powder, a pressed powder and a cream stuck, I happily bid farewell to Benefit Hoola Bronzer and say welcome home to Root Pretty Sunkissed Bronze Powder!

Keep checking back as The Great Makeup Swap continues!  

Disclaimer - I wasn't given this product or paid to review this product.  All opinions are mine and I just want to help others find their way to a beautiful face without the chemicals!