Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Stork Trials...Unboxing The StorkOTC

If you haven't been following my weekly updates on The Stork Trials, I encourage you to head to "The StorkOTC" part of my blog to catch up.  There you will learn a little bit about us, why we were chosen to have this device, and the plan for The Stork Trials.  If you are caught up, then read on my friends!  

This week we are unboxing The StorkOTC.  Before we begin with the unboxing, I have to say this: 

Please make sure that before you open The StorkOTC you wash your hands thoroughly so you don't get any germies on your device.  

I am not using it this week and it is not exactly "advised" that you unbox and take photos of The StorkOTC before you use it, just because it's not sanitary.  But guess what, that is just what I did today after making sure my hands were thoroughly cleaned.  I wanted to touch every piece, get a feel for the parts and report back to you all.  So you're lucky I'm a rebel y'all and I am doing it for all of us who really want to know!  

The StorkOTC comes in two parts, first an applicator and second, a Conceptacle which is a StorkOTC word for the soft cup like device that actually goes into your lady bits.  The  conceptacle is placed inside the applicator which has two "petals" that operate much like a flower, hence the name petals!  Once the Conceptacle is placed inside you pull back on the applicator and it closes the Conceptacle.  This allows you to securely insert it against your cervix without losing the contents.  The applicator is inserted and then using the cap release button, it pops right against your cervix.  Then you slide out the applicator which leaves the removal string exposed.  Guess what, that's all y'all!  Then you lay in bed, read a book, watch NetFlix, pet your fur family, or color in that new adult coloring book.  No legs up position required.  No blood rushing to your head, no piles of pillows under your bum, the Conceptacle just locks the swimmers in and leaves them to do their business while you go about doing your business.  This device is approved to rest in the bits for up to six hours, how many of us want to hang around upside down letting nature take it's course for SIX HOURS?  Not this girl!  Do you need to leave it in for six hours?  Heck no you do not, but did you know sperm remain potent for up to 24 hours?  So why not leave the odds in your favor and let The StorkOTC do the work it was designed to do?  

So now that I've given you the skinny on this thing, let's all head check out this quick video on The StorkOTC to see how it works...I mean I hope you did not think I was giving you a step by step visual aid because there are some parts of me only to be seen by Daddy Bun, oh and my RE...and the ultrasound tech, and the IUI nurse...jeez a lot of people have access to your lady bits when you're going through infertility!


Did you watch it?  Was it not amazing how this thing works?  And did you know this is the only FDA approved device to aid in conception.  Do you have any idea what it takes to get the FDA to actually approve your product?  Well...OK fine...I don't either but they don't put that stamp of approval on soft cups or other conception aids.  Only The StorkOTC has the seal of FDA approval.  

Speaking of soft cups, if you're like me you have probably seen them recommended on fertility forums and web forums and online shopping to aid in conception.  They're cheaper than The StorkOTC and by all means they are certainly a way to go if you find this method is too expensive for your conception wallet.  But for me, I don't like the idea of a soft cup.  There is no applicator for a soft cup, it's strictly your fingers doing the work.  How do you place it correctly?  How do you know those swimmers didn't spill out of the sides?  And how do you make sure you get it out.  Perhaps you're a soft cup enthusiast and these are all questions you have the answer to already, then maybe The StorkOTC is not for you.  But for a gal like me, knowing we have already invested thousands of dollars just to get answers as to our fertility issues, this is not a big investment for me and the benefit of the added applicator and removal string are a comfort to me. 

Now, let's talk about this device a little more.  As I mentioned earlier, this device comes with a Conceptacle, designed to slide right onto your partner much like a condom.  I've allowed hubby to check this out and he is pretty adamant that he does not want to put on the Conceptacle because of two reasons.  First, the material is thick and he is afraid that it will affect how everything feels down there.  Second, he is concerned that he will not get the cervical cap separated from the condom and in effect, have a spillage situation that will waste The StorkOTC and leave me staring in utter disbelief at a missed chance to get pregnant.  He does not want to be THAT guy.  

So there is a second method to getting this part done much like those using donor sperm would be doing.  That is to collect the sample using a specimen cup and then pour it into the Conceptacle.  This removes the worries about "the feeling" and it reduces fears about spilling as it's being removed from your partner.  There won't be "that guy" or the stares of disbelief or the dreaded, "OH MY HECK BABY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!" coming from me.  So if you are using donor sperm or your partner is like mine and is just not into the condom part of The StorkOTC, don't let it stop you, use the alternate method.  

There are some people TTC who are not good candidates for The StorkOTC.  The box indicates this is not a good product for people dealing with azoospermia (no sperm in semen), blocked fallopian tubes, anyone with an STD, loss of fallopian tubes and hysterectomy.  So if you fall in this category, you should not invest your money in this device.  Further, and this is my personal opinion only, I do not think you should use The StorkOTC if you are not ovulating or have trouble ovulating.  This is because The StorkOTC is used in conjunction with timing your ovulation.  If you cannot determine that, you should not invest in The StorkOTC.  In addition, if you have a dramatically low sperm count or very poor motility, I just can't recommend you use this device.  Again, it's not The StorkOTC telling you this, it's Hunny Bunny.  This is something you should discuss with your OB/GYN or your RE as I am not a professional.  I am simply a woman on the same journey as you.  

So who is the "right" candidate for The StorkOTC?  The StorkOTC is recommended for people TTC with a lower sperm count, low motility or an unfavorable vaginal environment.  It can be used by couples TTC naturally that are not dealing with any infertility problems.  It can be used by women TTC with donor sperm pending they do not suffer from the above mentioned issues.  Daddy Bun and I were considered the right candidate because I am considered "healthy" by my RE.  He has a lower than normal sperm count and motility.  These two reasons make The Buns a good candidate for The StorkOTC.  Are you in a similar medical situation as Daddy Bun and I?  Are you and your partner healthy and TTC naturally but you're just not getting that BFP?  Are you ovulating regularly and using donor sperm?  Then The StorkOTC might be right for you too!

Next week was supposed to be the week Daddy Bun and I were using The StorkOTC but after prayer and thought we have decided to proceed with our original plan of the January IUI.  So in lieu of my "Using The StorkOTC" post I will be sharing some reviews from websites including Amazon, Walgreens, CVS and The StorkOTC.  In addition, I'll be reviewing a few studies published on The StorkOTC to help us all get a good idea of how well this product increases our chances as conceiving.    

Do you have questions about The StorkOTC?  Post them below and I'll get to work on the answer!  Do you want to remain anonymous?  Just click to the right on Contacting the Brains Behind the Blog and send me an email!  

Daddy Bun and I thank you for following our journey and want to remind you that we are not being paid in any way for my Stork Trials, we were provided two devices to try to assist in our chances for a BFP so we agreed to check it out, give an honest review, and let you all know what we think!