Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ultrasound Update and TRIGGER TIME

Hello and HAPPY TRIGGER DAY to the Buns!  We have made it to Trigger Time which is a lot like "Hammer Time" just with smaller pants.

We did our baseline ultrasound on December 30 and started Letrozole that evening.  Now, infertility coverage and medication is NOT COVERED under our insurance and I think a lot of people struggling with infertility might be in this same boat so I want to give you a little medication hint...

We took our prescription to Publix and were going to drop it off but I asked, how much is this without insurance and the Pharmacy Tech told me it was $151.  For TEN PILLS.  I thanked him kindly and took back my prescription.  I then called Target and asked the same question and do you know how much it was....DO YOU KNOW??!!  Well I'm going to tell you, it was $13.  Say WHAT?!  Was that a typo, is it missing a zero?  NOPE, it was a $138 price difference between the pharmacies out of pocket costs.  So let me tell you, a bit of digging is a good thing when it comes to those uncovered medications.  If you take nothing else away from this blog, TAKE THIS INFO!

The Letrozole was quite an interesting experience.  I took to 2.5mg pills each night about 7:30 for five days.  In that time I experienced nausea, throwing up, dizziness, hot flashes and pulling/twinges in my lady bits.  I always hear of pulling and twinging and I'm like WHAT IS THAT...well now I know what they mean because it literally felt like someone was just pulling on my ovaries and while it was not comfortable it was not as bad as some cramps I've had in the past.  My last pills were Sunday, January 3 and for three days after I felt dizziness when standing up and sometimes just standing around.  I am not a fan of that feeling so I am glad that little experience is done.  I have a new found respect for my Clomid Sisters as I hear they go through a much more intense experience.

Today we headed over to FertilityCARE to get our second ultrasound to check the follicle growth.

When we arrive in the room, I'm instructed as usual to be all free and clear of clothing from the waist down.  I insist on doing something fun every time I come into the Ultrasound Room to meet with Mary, the woman who has seen the inside of my body just as many times as I have.  I have my trusty photojournalist Daddy Bun on location with me.

I decided it was the day to put on my signature sheet of shame and I crowned myself Queen of the Paper Sheet.  TADAAAA!   Then I replaced it in it proper area just as Mary was entering the ultrasound room.

First we checked my cuterus uterus and she was really pleased with the lining and I was really amazed at how much it changed from the first ultrasound.  The lining was right over 10mm which is perfect for a Little Bun to snuggle right into!  Next we rolled over to my right ovary, where I felt a lot of the pulling and twinges while on my Letrozole.  And HOLY COW there was a big one, a 24mm follicle just pulled ahead of all the others and shoved them out of the way saying PICK ME PICK ME!  That big empty circle is actually a follicle just waiting to drop an egg!  We also had a 17mm follicle on the left side, but it was nothing compared to this big guy!  Praying that actually releases an egg!

 Mary said she was pretty sure we would be heading off to trigger very soon and she left to give the results to Dr. Mark so he could decide the exact time to trigger.  We paid the $250 ultrasound fee and started home.  No sooner had we left the parking lot that Jessica called asking if I had my trigger shot with me....well, I didn't and the house was 1.5 hours from FertilityCARE.  So she relayed the message from Dr. Mark which was go home and TAKE THAT SHOT.  We scheduled the IUI for 11:30 tomorrow morning, a 24 hour wait between the trigger and the IUI.  Wide eyed I looked at Daddy Bun and said, you can do this right...give me the shot?  And he said YES which was a relief because I didn't actually want to give myself the shot.  If someone is going to mess it up, I don't want it to be clumsy little me!

So our trigger took about five seconds.  Daddy Bun was a trooper and did a perfect job.  The needle is so tiny, I didn't even feel it.  There was no bruising or bleeding or soreness from the shot.  It was easier than that Staples button...I mean it was THAT easy!  I was so surprised that, you can see that on my face in the Trigger Shot collage...I'm a big collage person, that way I can share a lot of pictures without being an Insta-Hog.  

Speaking of Instagram, I have several hundred TTC sisters on Instagram and we were all praying and thinking positive that today would go well.  AND IT DID!  It was an answered prayer.  It is not the end of this journey, but it's another step on the road and I am so thrilled to be sharing it with you all!  Talk about an AMAZING COMMUNITY of woman all going through similar struggles TTC.  Whether they're just getting started, doing IUI or IVF or even embryo adoption and donor sperm, we are a tight group set on encouraging other to keep pushing forward on this journey.  To remain hopeful and faithful on our journey.  To remind each other that this can be a sprint for some and a marathon for others and yet a trip around the world for a few.

Tomorrow is the IUI and usually the StorkOTC post but that is going to be on HOLD tomorrow so we can focus on the IUI.  But I will be continuing my Stork Trials NEXT WEEK!

Keep the faith y'all.  Stay positive in the struggle.  This could end good or bad, I'm not worried about that right now.  Today was a GREAT DAY!