Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Two Week Wait...What NOT to Do

Last cycle I posted a TWW blog giving some ideas of things to do to pass the time which is known to those TTC as the...


Find that post HERE.  I am currently in the TWW again following our second IUI so I've developed a list of things you should NOT be doing during that time period.  Some of these are obvious, some you might already avoid and some you might be mind blown that you didn't think of it before!

Let's begin, shall we?


The first thing you don't want to do during the TWW is symptom check on Google.  I find this to be the most difficult thing to avoid during any TWW.  You feel a twinge in your lady notice a craving for something salty, you feel tired, your boobs hurt, you name the symptom and I guarantee that every person who got pregnant and who did not get pregnant had the exact same symptom.  So there is literally no way you will find a solid answer to your symptom checking and in fact you might tumble into the rabbit hole of symptoms and before you know it, you've manifested symptoms you read on Google that aren't even really symptoms.

This journey is different for every single person who travels it, and the last thing you want to do is hang your hopes or your disappointments on what someone's best friend's sister's cousin felt when they were 3DPO.  I know it's easy to say I'm not going to symptom check on Google, I say it every month.  And then I find myself, alone in my office or in my bedroom...I look left, I look right, I'm in the clear....I open Safari on my iPhone and BOOM....1,237,999 hits on that fluttering feeling in my ovary.   But alas, someone felt the exact same thing and didn't get I am out.  

Wait what?  Someone didn't feel it?  Someone did feel it?  Both ended up not pregnant...or both ended up being how do you know?  YOU DON'T!  You cannot know until you pee on that stick and see one or two pink lines...which brings me to no-no number two...


To pee or not to pee THAT is the question.  Y'all, I spent over $60 on pregnancy tests last month...yes, LAST MONTH.  And what did it give me?  a trash can full of BFN's.  The first box Daddy Bun and I bought together.  The second box I bought on my own and the third box I actually SNUCK INTO THE HOUSE so Daddy Bun didn't think I was crazy.  Y'all if you have to sneak pregnancy tests into the house because you don't want your person giving you the side-eye, it's not a good idea...and YES, I did that.  GUILTY as charged.

And every time I peed on a stick, my heart raced, I stared for what felt like ages, willing a line to appear.  I would hold it in the light, take it outside, turn off the light, look away for a minute, study it some more.  It's NEGATIVE Bun, LET IT GO like Elsa in Frozen.  Oh yes, and I do go back and grab it from the trash can and stare again, as though it might have changed by some miracle.

It's hard because there are some people that pull a BFP 8DPO.  SO you should too right?  WRONG!  This journey is different for everyone.  That means you too!  I could quote 17,000 posts from BabyCenter where 8DPO was a negative and 9DPO was a positive...or 9DPO was a negative but 10DPO was a positive...and so on.  So what do you do?  More like what DON'T you do?  DON'T PEE ON A STICK.

Wait the full 14 days.  And this is almost as hard, if not harder, that not symptom checking.  So let me tell you how to do it.  DO NOT, under any circumstances go to a drugstore.  Just don't do it.  The temptation is as real as the struggle y'all.  If I go to Walgreens, I'm buying a test.  So for the next two weeks, if I need something from the drugstore, I'm not going.  Daddy Bun will have to go.  And if it means I have to take a photograph of what I need to make sure he get's it right, so be it.  Imagine sending your person for eyeliner for a second...can you imagine the time and agony they would feel if they had no idea what to get.  Get me some eyeliner honey...liquid, pencil, gel, Revlon, Maybelline, black, blackish-brown, navy....OH MY HECK, I don't even want to know what he would come back with...I digress.  My point is the best way to avoid peeing on a stick until it's time is to KEEP THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE.  The best way to avoid buying them before you need them is to AVOID PLACES THAT SELL THEM.  Y'all I am a sneaky shopper so I have to be very perseverant with these rules this TWW.  I refuse to test until 13DPIUI...yes you read that, I'm not waiting 14 days.  What a shocker...I'm such a rebel, even for my own advice.

Last cycle I started at CD8....CD9...CD10....CD11....CD11 again....CD12....CD13 I strated just do your best to avoid this on the TWW.

Now, moving on to another no-no...


Well, unless your normal routine is binge drinking and 12 cups of coffee per day...I mean seriously, y'all a cup of coffee or a coke is not going to ruin your chances during the TWW.  Am I a doctor, HECK NO y'all!  I don't want to rule over any advice you've been given from a trained physician.  But I gotta be real with you...a run will not shake the embryo loose from your uterus.  If you like low to moderate exercise, keep doing it.  If you run a mile a day, good for you!  

If you see me running though, you better run too because there is something chasing me! 

There are so many people who change everything during the TWW in their daily routine for fear that something will go wrong.  If you're someone who suffers from recurrent losses, I completely understand why you might prefer to not do anything during your TWW.  But for some of those TTC, they find themselves wondering, can I have that glass of wine?  Should I run today?  Is doing that workout video a good idea?  Should I go in the sun?  Should I have that coffee?  Should I eat that taco?  It can be OVERWHELMING!  And what does that lead to?  The next no-no...


Let's be real, most of what I've covered are actually stress inducing things.  Will knowing if you're pregnant or not one day sooner benefit you when you're TTC?  Will Googling those symptoms give you relief or more anxiety?  Stress is harmful to your body.  Stress is one thing you want to make sure you avoid during the TWW.  So how do you avoid being stressed?  What can you do?  I've comprised a small list of things, as well as shared the link to my Blog Post on things you CAN DO during the TWW to help pass the time and keep yourself occupied!   

De-Stress Activities:
Take a Walk
Watch a Comedy
Try Yoga
Breathe Deeply

These are just a tiny taste of things you can do to avoid stress during the TWW.  Do you have some ideas?  Share them below!  

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