Friday, February 5, 2016

IUI #2 Complete

Yesterday we completed our second IUI at FertilityCARE in Winter Park.

This was me before we made the 1.5 hour trip to Winter Park.  I sported some awesome good luck items on this IUI.  First is my "I Can Do This" shirt from TTCGreetingCards.  Kristy was recently featured on ABC News for her inspiring and encouraging products!  Here is a LINK to that article where she is featured for her amazing cards, shirts and even LUCKY socks!  HOW AWESOME that one of my favorite sellers was featured on ABC!!

I'm also wearing my Dreamlinks Toggle Ombre Knots Bracelet which is both pink and blue.

And my FAVORITE charm was my Baby Bun bracelet.  Handmade by my sis-in-law and niece Ruby.  It's such a thoughtful and sweet gesture.  They live all the way in Mississippi which is too far to just take a quick trip to see them and I miss them so!  They're special to me and I adore my lucky bracelet from them.

We arrived that the lab at 9:30 so Daddy Bun could do his part of the equation.  I can tell you that Daddy Bun is not a fan of being the man behind the sample.  The sample room is a bathroom, one door away from the lab itself.  The room has a small 13" TV/VCR combo (yes you read that right, there are still VCR's out there) with oversized headphones covered in sterile paper muff-covers.  There are about five archaic VHS tapes in a drawer, and under that is a selection of some almost 20 year old Playboy magazines.  No lubricating assistance is allowed.  It's really not the best environment to provide a quality sample.  It's just NOT.  This is a pet peeve because I think he should be as comfortable as I am when we are doing these procedures.  After all, without this part of the equation, there is no need for the IUI at all.

On top of it all, Daddy Bun has been terribly sick this week.  He's been on a myriad of cold medicines and I've been staying as far away from germies as possible hoping not to catch whatever sniffles he's picked up.

This time we put 8 million swimmers in my lady bits.  That's up a half million from last month's effort.  The motility however, declined from 93% to 50% and is likely because the swimmers were doped up on cold medicine for days prior to the IUI.  Our volume was up from 1.5 to 2.6 but the viscosity was still high.  So we are still unsure of the changes that have come about from the Clomid regimen.  I will have to keep you all posted on the Clomid use as far as count and motility.  We were happy to see his T levels returned to normal after just three weeks on the meds.

When we finished the sample, we had about 1.5 hours to wait around before the IUI.  So we took a trip to TJ Maxx to use a gift card from my TTC Sister Jess.

Jess sent me a care package last cycle and it arrived just in time to comfort me after the first IUI ended in a BFN.  I truly believe in God's timing as this package was filled to the brim with thoughtful surprises to encourage and support me.  As we strolled through TJ Maxx I couldn't' help by take a peek at the baby items and I was excited to touch and feel soft fuzzy blankets, both pink and blue and neutral grays.  I am always drawn to grays and neutral tans with soft touches of yellow and aqua.  I settled on some cozy slippers to enjoy my TWW and a canvas print for Valentine's Day that said "All of me loves all of you".

Hubby loves that song and thinks of me when he hears it so it was a perfect addition to the house.  I have to again thank Jess for being such a thoughtful friend!

Waiting is the hardest part!
We arrived back at FertilityCARE right on time but they had no rooms available to do the IUI.  We had to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  As each minute ticked by I felt like my chances of getting those swimmers to the egg were just deteriorating.  I fretted, I worried, I long will they last?  How long is too long in a vial?  Almost 40 minutes passed before they called our name to come and make sure we matched the sample.  They like to be sure at FertilityCARE so you have to verify the names on both the specimen cup and the vial...thankfully it was ours!

Finally it was time for IUI #2.  As we entered the room, the nurse handed us our post wash information.  8 million post wash count with 50% motility.  We were not exactly cheering for the numbers but we were thankful nonetheless.  Thankful to be there.  Thankful for the chance to try again.  Thankful that we were able to afford the second round.  Thankful for each other.

As Amy, the IUI nurse, entered the room, we prepared for the IUI.  And GUESS WHAT....she couldn't find my cervix.


She got out the "other" speculum.


And y'all she really moved a lot of things around down there whilst looking for my cervix.  She tried, and tried, and was almost ready to call for backup...I was like wow, come on cervix, this is no time for hide and seek!  It was uncomfortable and I felt achy and a little pained by the time she found it.  WHEW, she did find it though and within seconds she was done.  She removed the speculum which was causing the discomfort and wished us luck.

My friend Destiny had an FET this week and she rode home in the back seat laying down.  I took note and rode home in the back seat, laying down and slightly elevated.  I was able to sleep for about 45 minutes while I hoped and prayed that one, just one good swimmer would make it to the end.

We only need one.

Just one.