Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Stork Trials, A Final Review

It's HERE, it's happened!  The Stork Trials are officially complete!  And I have got some news for you!

First, let's cover the past.

You can read about the background behind The StorkOTC HERE.

Check out the difference between The Stork and an IUI HERE.

HERE you will find an unboxing of the stork and a detailed review of the product itself. 

And now on to what you have all been waiting for...a post use review of The StorkOTC.  Daddy Bun and I used The StorkOTC last Friday, the day after the IUI.

Did it work?  We don't know, we are still in the TWW.  But bear in mind, the point of this was to try the product and give you an honest opinion of it, pregnant or not.

Did we use both products?  No we didn't because we were only able to get one use before we were out of the "fertile window".  So we still have another Stork!

The Conceptacle, located inside the condom.
First let me tell you that there are some parts of the Stork I do not like and there are parts of the Stork that were so easy I was surprised.  Let's start with the hard part.  And that is getting a sample into the Conceptacle.  For those who don't know, the Conceptacle is the part of the stork that is inserted against the cervix.  The Conceptacle comes inside the condom-like sheath.  For us, this was the hardest part.

Why?  I had to divert to Daddy Bun on this one because he was the one trying to wear it.  The condom surrounding the conceptacle is thick and rubbery feeling.  The conceptacle fits inside the condom so you actually have two layers against the most sensitive part of the man junk.  In addition, this was very tight to wear.  This caused two issues, loss of circulation and loss of sensation.  For this reason, we chose to not wear it during intercourse.

This led to the second hardest part, which was HOW we were going to get the sample in there...wearing it would be easy, it deposits right into the Conceptacle.  But we weren't wearing it. One of our issues is volume, that added additional stress in that we didn't want to waste anything.  So here we are, staring at the small opening in the Conceptacle, and wondering the best way to get it there.  And we went with the Hail Mary, lets aim and hope it works.

Did it work?  Mostly.  

Did we lose some of the sample?  Definitely.

Do we have a better idea for next time?  We sure do!        
Next time, if we need a next time, we will use a specimen cup.  Why didn't we think of this before?  Because we intended to have Daddy Bun wear the condom.  We didn't have a specimen cup just lying around and we were not willing to use something that was not sealed and sterile.  Plus, who wants to add additional stress by running around the house trying to find something to put it in??  Not these Buns!

So here we are, with a sample in the Conceptacle and the Conceptacle wrapped in the condom.  How do you get it out??  Very carefully!  The Conceptacle is flexible and it was actually pretty easy to fold it closed to protect the sample.  Then you just roll the condom off and discard it.  It was quick and easy.  I have read where people have trouble with this and I just didn't get that.  Maybe I'm good at unrolling.  Maybe I watched the video 800 times.  But for me, this was an easy removal.

Next, you slide the Conceptacle into the cap holder, which is the purple part of the applicator.  To close, you just pinch it until it clicks.  Do not close the white applicator petals.  That's in the next part!

It was easy to click it closed, it didn't take brute strength or any fancy training.  Just put in and click!

Seriously, this is really easy, I know if you watch the video it can seem a little overwhelming but this is the easiest part of the process.  It's the Step ONE, TWO, THREE approach.  The Stork added these little raised dots on each step so you know you're using them in the right order.

STEP ONE, on the base of The Stork is a mechanism allowing you to PULL the applicator petals closed.  Pull the light purple part back and you will see the white petals at the top close around the cap.  You didn't think you were going to slide that thing in wide open did you?  NOPE!  So pull it back gently until you hear it CLICK closed.
 TA-DAAA!!! You've done Step One!  Don't start applause yet!

 STEP TWO, insert The Stork into the vaginal canal until you hit the wall of your cervix.  Now don't shove it up against the cervix and don't push until it's uncomfortable.  Just rest it against the wall and you will know it is in the right place because 1) it stops moving and 2) you don't feel uncomfortable.

Then, press the plunger tab with the TWO raised dots on it.  This will re-open the applicator petal so you can release the cervical cap.  Don't remove it yet!  There is still a step three!

You're holding this inside your lady bits, but you're almost done!

STEP THREE, press the cervical cap release button, it's got three dots on it.  This will release the cap from the applicator.  Now gently remove the applicator and the cervical cap will stay in place.

NOW you can do the happy dance!

What you don't see is the removal string as shown below.  This makes it easy to remove.  There's not wondering WHERE DID IT GO?  HOW DO I GET IT OUT?  Right there is the exit strategy!
And you literally can do the happy dance.  Because this is securely in place letting the swimmers do what they need to get to that egg.  You don't even have to put your legs up!!  I do recommend ten minutes of rest once you complete the process.  But I was able to fold my laundry and watch TV right side up without peering around two raised legs in the air.  WOOHOO!! 

I left that sucker in for six hours.  That is the max time they recommend.  So of course, I went with what was recommended.  I don't think it really needed to be left in that long, but I figured this is an experiment for us all, so let's hold out for the full time.    

So the Stork is done.  The process was about 75% easy and 25% difficult.  The hardest part for us was really getting a sample into the cervical cap.  But the rest was easy as 1, 2, 3!

Would I recommend it?  Yes, I would.  Even though the hardest part for me was getting it into the cervical cap, the remaining steps were simple and the negatives just don't outweigh the positives here.  The 1, 2, 3 approach worked.  The removal string is a plus and the fact I wasn't left legs up at the end was a BONUS!

The Stork is available at Walgreens where it hit some unfriendly reviews on the web...I just didn't have the problems mentioned AT ALL.  The product was fully functioning, there were no issues with a defective product.  In fact, I've seen several reviews where people are calling it a waste of money, but I wholeheartedly disagree.  It was NOT that hard to use.  It functioned just as it was designed.

There are instructions, videos, and a customer service line where you can call and speak to a HUMAN, a real live person who can assist with questions about the device before you even start.  The makers of The Stork are passionate about their product and they will help you with questions or concerns.  Some of the people you talk to have even used the product or been through infertility themselves.  

Try the Stork! I'm using it in conjunction with an IUI, which costs $1150 each time.  So I'm saving over $1000 by using it with the IUI.

I would like to thank The StorkOTC for allowing me to try this product free of charge and offer a full review.  This is my honest opinion of the product and my recommendation is based on the product itself and not the fact I received it free of charge.  I hope you all enjoyed the Stork Trials and the following along on this journey that Daddy Bun and I are taking, I encourage you to check out the links below for more information on The Stork!

Link to How To Video