Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why We Don't Violate the TWW Rules

Y'all I am going to be honest here, I failed the TWW challenge I setup for myself.  It seemed so easy...I made a clear list of things not to do in this blog post (HERE) and all I had to do, was NOT DO THEM!  Guess what? I failed it on CD10.  I was four short days from victory, so proud of my performance, my will to not Google had been strong this time.  I refused to search a single symptom...and who cares if I didn't actually feel a symptom to begin with?  I was still not using Dr. Google to check on why I wasn't feeling anything.  Four days from a resounding

"NO, I didn't Google anything and NO, I didn't POAS one time!"  

But the temptation was great.  The urge to POAS overtook me on Valentine's Day morning when I thought, how awesome would it be if we had a BFP today?  Isn't that worth a little violation of my TWW system?  Yes?  No?  Anyone?  I was in the bathroom staring at the test and the only people who could answer were, in fact, fur family members who follow me everywhere I go.  I looked down at those little wagging tails and thought, YES, the wags mean YES.  PEE ON THE STICK!  The little wags swished back and forth in eager encouragement.

So I broke, I POAS...and that sucker was broken.  Only one line appeared.  I stared at it, willing a second line to appear.  I demanded it in silence, eyes wide, my nostrils flared in annoyance.  Where did this test come from?  I will never shop there again.  Clearly, this thing is defective.  I squinted, no second line.  I held it up to the light and squinted harder, silently screaming at the test, I DEMAND YOU APPEAR LINE!!

But no second line came.  In a fury, I looked at my timer...it had been 64 seconds.

64 hours could have passed and I would have felt no different.  How could it have only been 64 seconds?  These things take up to five minutes to complete, so I must need to wait longer.  I assured myself it was not enough time to produce two lines.  I put the test on the counter and walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom and told my hubby we had purchased a broken test.  He asked if I wanted to return it.

Is this this working right?  I requested the TWO LINES!
Well of course I want to return it!  What kind of ludicrous question is that...you can't keep a defective test!

But wait, let me check the test again, after all I gave up after 64 seconds.  I forced myself to wait the full three minutes and returned to the bathroom and yanked the test off the counter, expecting to see the second line...or at least a faint second line...and NOTHING!

Again, I squinted, held it in the light, held it out of the light...was the light causing it to be defective?  Where are the instructions?  What do they say about putting it in the light?

I shook my head in disbelief at myself for storing it in the light...but alas, the instructions don't say that storing in light will affect the test...but WAIT, they don't say that it won't affect the test either!!  Hmmm...a real conundrum.

Hubby says that he is sorry, as he should be, because he bought this defective test!

After a proper mourning time over the test I threw it away in the trash, very violently, as I wanted to be sure that test KNEW how angry I was that it wasn't working...and let's be real, you can't return a stick after you peed on it, even if it's broken.  I'd have to find a different way to get my money back.

I considered calling First Response.  I mean, they must have this happen once or twice right?  A defective test?

But first, let me check the test one more time.  So I fish it out of the garbage and put it in the light...I squint...

Nope.  It's still broken!

How many of us have done this very thing?  The squinting, the trashcan digging, the denial.  This thing is broken right?  RIGHT??  No, I tested at 10DPIUI and in some very normal cases, that is, in fact, too early to tell.  Is it over?  No, it's not over.  But THIS my friends, THIS is why you should always follow the rules of the TWW...

NEVER Google your symptoms or lack thereof...and NEVER pee on a stick too early! 



  1. I have done all of the above! Even checking the tests in the garbage a couple days later..ugh! It kind of looks like something is there in this picture.

    1. It had a great evaporation line on this test, which was good because hubby hadn't seen one before. I was like STUPID TEST...pretty sure I dug it out of the trash twice to be sure.

      We are at 12DPIUI now and still testing negative. But I firmly believe I have a box of bad tests...the denial is REAL Amie! It is so real! :)

  2. I ALWAYS go back and check them after I've thrown them away. Such a bummer! Demand your money back, the test is BROKEN! Haha! Stay strong my friend, you still have a couple of days to go!
    xo, Lily

    1. We do Lily and I'm not giving up this cycle without a fight! I refuse to accept anything less than PREGNANT until AF shows up and then I might begrudgingly accept we have to do IUI round three. ONE DAY AT A TIME!

  3. I have never been in a situation where I am waiting on a certain day (since I have never done treatment), but I can imagine that temptation would be SO high!

    1. It is high, and with other people testing early and getting good news, it becomes higher. But this is my journey I must remember that what happens to others does not mean it will happen to me! At least I am still NOT Googling the lack of symptoms. I must take a win when I can!