Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And So It Begins...The IVF Journey

Y' didn't work.  The Hail Mary IUI (post HERE) did not work.  And I was definitely heartbroken this weekend. I knew that it was a long shot to work, but I still held on to the hope that somehow it would.

But it didn't...and I spent Friday in shock and Saturday in turmoil.  I went through all the questions we all do...why?  What could I have done better?  When will I get pregnant?  How many more will come off the bench in the TTC Community before I get to get off the bench too?  And on Sunday, I remembered THIS post from Caroline over at In Due Time which tells us to STOP ASKING WHY and instead ask, "How can I use this situation in a positive way?"  Caroline is such an inspiration and her blog really speaks to me on the daily y'all!  That post is what inspired me to take a step back, evaluate our journey and pick myself back up again and keep moving forward.

So I thought to myself, THIS is how, this blog is how I will use this situation.  So we begin the next steps for IVF and I will walk you through the best way I know how, with a little sass and a lot of laughs.  Infertility is NOT FUN y'all but it can be funny!

I went over the costs for IVF in THIS post.  This is pretty standard for the area where we live in Central Florida.  It's expensive and if you're not ready for the REAL COSTS associated with it, then do not click that link.  It's a staggering number, it's enough to make you want to toss your cookies.  But in the end, it is going to be worth it because I'm predicting that we will be an IVF Success story...REPEAT...we WILL be an IVF Success story!

So how do we begin?  We started with a meeting with Dr. Mark over at Fertility CARE and he went over what we've done so far and what he believes are the next steps for us.  He reassured me that our IUI results have NO BEARING on our IVF changes and they're two separate ballgames, more like two separate sports in the big bad world of Infertility.  Usually you would start the cycle with a baseline ultrasound to check your current lady bits but after three IUI's and what seems like 50 ultrasounds, we decided I did not need an official ultrasound to get started (cue excited face for $250 savings).

Next we begin with 21 days of birth control...wait WHAT??  Birth control?  To get pregnant?  Isn't that counterproductive?  That answer is NO and there are really two reasons for this method; research shows that taking birth control prior to an IVF cycle helps your ovaries respond better to hormone stimulation, and second it helps regulate your cycle so the RE can control the timing of your follie growth.  The idea is to have them start growing at the same time so they're ready at the same time as well.

Who knew that someone could be so excited to start birth control???

Next Steps...
Trial Transfer
Ovarian Stimulation
Egg Retrival and Endometrial Scratch
One Cycle on "Break" 
Official Transfer of Frozen Embryo

The next step is in two weeks and that is a Trial Transfer.  The Trial Transfer is performed so the RE can find the "perfect place" to insert the embryo when we move to that part of the journey.  This is also so he can determine where to perform the endometrial scratch during my egg retrieval.  Why is he scratching my lady bits?  It's been shown that irritating the lining of the uterus helps an embryo implant and we want to be sure that baby sticks!  We will dig into that procedure when it's completed.  For now, I will take my birth control and hope that the hormones don't negatively affect my emotions!