Monday, March 21, 2016

Financing Fertility - Part Two

If you're reading this, you probably know or have ventured a guess that IUI number 3, the Hail Mary IUI, the last chance at IUI success before moving on to IVF did not work.  And you would be correct.  Friday I discovered that IUI 3 didn't work.  I was bummed, I was angry, I was not really surprised either.  I just didn't have high hopes for this round.  But we agreed, 3 IUI's then move on to IVF.  When brings us all to this post today...

After initial testing, analyses, blood work and three unsuccessful IUI's, we were at a total cost of $6,617.  This doesn't include the 3 hour round trip, the cost of fuel and tolls, and the lost wages from missing work three times a month for ultrasounds and procedures.  The information on the initial costs of our fertility journey can be found HERE.

So here we sit, we've spent over $6,600 and no Little Bun in this Oven.  This is a FRACTION of what we will spend on an IVF cycle which brings us to the next course, Financing Fertility 102.

Let's review the players here...we have Fertility CARE, Vivere Health Labs, and the Pharmacy for Stimulation Meds.  Three different agencies taking all our money at the same time!

Fertility CARE: $6,550
Includes Baseline and repeat ultrasounds
Egg Retrieval and ultrasound
1 fresh or frozen embryo transfer and ultrasound
Nurse Scans
OR/Facility Fee
Administrative Fees

Two Step Cycle (Frozen): $1,750

Trial Transfer: $350

Anesthesia: $650

Vivere Fertility Laboratory: $4,105
Oocyte Identification
Culture and Fertilizing
Assisted Hatching
Prep for Embryo Transfer (if needed)
Cryopreservation for 1 year
Extended Culture of Oocyte (if needed)
Lab Fees

PGS Genetic Screening: $5,500

Freedom Pharmacy: $5,000
Ovarian Stimulation Meds


Total Covered by Health Insurance...ZERO.

Add this cycle to what we've already paid and the total after the first IVF cycle is $30,522.

Marinate on that for a minute...

The story continues as we start tomorrow with a baseline ultrasound, consult with Dr. Trolice, and start birth control pills.  More on THAT in a later post!


  1. Girrrrl, I feel you! It's so expensive, I don't even know if we will go through with another cycle this Summer like we planned...oh goodness.

    1. It was staggering to see the numbers added together like this. We work so hard, only to risk it all on a chance that it works. I'm focusing on the positive and believing that THIS will work!

  2. Oh friend... so thankful that God WILL provide!

    1. I agree, I pray this is the plan for us, to go through this process, to share this with others, to be more than a statistic of the 1 in 8. Thank you for reading!

  3. It totally stinks that all insurance companies don't cover this :( It is crazy expensive but when you have that lil one it'll be worth any price :)

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE!! Praying to be a success story!

  4. This makes me sick to my stomach. I tend to live in the "ignore reality" world. So gross to see it all broken down like this. I am so happy that you guys have a plan to move forward and have been so careful and dedicated to save for this. Good on you guys!
    XO, B

    1. It is literally nauseating...totally GROSS that it's not covered in the slightest, birth control was free! So I can be thankful for that!

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