Thursday, March 31, 2016

Infertility Goodies and Where to Find Them

Infertility SUCKS!  But that doesn't mean you have to go through it without infertility goodies to help brighten your mood!  During my struggle I've come across some AH-MAY-ZING items that you simply must check out if you're struggling with infertility or if you know someone who is - gifting is a great way to show you are thinking about them during the struggle and y'all...the struggle is real!

So if you're in the market to find something amazing for yourself or a friend or loved one...keep reading this post for some pretty awesome items from some very cool people and where to buy them!

Also, if you have some favorite shops you don't see in this list, SHARE THEM WITH ME!  I would love to add to this post and continue the hunt for amazing gifts and treasures for those dealing with infertility!


Who doesn't love jewelry?  There are some people, myself included, who love to accessorize.  Infertility jewelry is the first stop on our Where to Shop Guide.  My Baby bun bracelet shown here was a special gift, handmade from my niece Ruby and her mom who helped!  Isn't that the SWEETEST!!

My first recommendation would be Fertile Gems.  This is an Etsy shop that has a huge selection of fertility bracelets and necklaces made from genuine stones like amethyst, hematite, and rose quartz.  She makes every one of these items on order by hand so you can guarantee that love and patience was put into your piece.  Not only that, she sends you the jewelry in a lovely box with an affirmation card and a description of the stones used to create your item.

My favorite piece is the IUI/IVF bracelet shown here.  This has several gemstones and a rose quartz heart at the center.  You can select a charm to add (not shown here is an angel wing) and it hooks with a toggle clasp.  I wear this bracelet every day.  There are so many other pieces I would love to own from this shop!  She has a selection for just about every fertility issue as mentioned in the excerpt from her shop:

 Fertility bracelets by Fertile Gems are created with genuine gemstones that are believed to help calm, relax and de-stress while providing that hope and positivity you most need during your fertility journey. We carry a wide variety of fertility bracelets and necklaces that have gemstones with properties that is believed to assist in fertility issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Thyroid, Blood Clots, Miscarriages and much much more! 

Check out my Fertile Gems Wish List.  These are all available at Fertile Gems and you will not be disappointed with your purchase!  She even creates stacks!  I love to stack arm candy and these three bracelets can be purchased separately or together for a discounted price!

Greeting Cards

I'm a lover of mail, there is nothing like opening the mailbox and seeing an envelope with my name on it that is not attached to a request for payment for the vehicle, electric or cell phone which is why I'm a huge fan of TTC Greeting Cards.  TTC Greeting Cards was formed after the shop owner underwent six years of her own infertility journey, complete with seven IVF cycles.  She realized there was not really a card that captured the struggle of TTC so who better than to create them then a person who felt just as we all do on this journey.  She has over 30 card designs that are designed for IVF, the Two Week Wait, embryo transfers, even cards for your RE or your spouse.  There are congratulations cards and even cards for a BFN.  This is really your one stop shop for a card on this journey.  Here are just a FEW of the cards available in her shop, (LINK HERE!)  All of the cards cost around $5 which is comparable, if not less, than most of the cards on the store shelves...except THOSE CARDS aren't for infertility!  Why not get the perfect card for your friend or family member to show you care and support a local business at the same time!  WIN WIN Y'ALL!

Lucky Socks

Oh but she doesn't stop there y'all!  TTC Greeting Cards is also THE place to go for LUCKY SOCKS!  When you're having your lady bits examined weekly, naked from the waist down, in a room that is kept at a chilly 68° there is one thing you want to make sure you cover and that is your feet!  Frankly, that is all you CAN cover!  Again, that is where TTC Greeting Cards comes in.  Her Lucky Socks are a staple item in my ultrasound bag and they're not available in her Etsy Store.  So where do you find them??  Don't freak out I know where to go!!  You find them on her website HERE!  My favorite pair are the Stick Baby Stick socks, shown here from one of my IUI's.  These are available for $18 on her website but it gets better!  Are you doing a transfer?  Check out THESE Lucky Transfer Socks.  Are you PUPO *that's Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise* then these are your socks HERE.

And if you're not a fan of the knee high socks (I am a HUGE FAN of the knee high socks) then TTC Greeting Cards has you covered with ankle versions as well.  Check out THESE Hatch and Attach ankle socks!!  Aren't they perfect for your Two Week Wait?

Many, if not most, acupuncturists equate cold feet to a cold uterus and say that keeping your feet warm helps implantation of an embryo.  So lucky socks serve a dual purpose.  They keep your feet warm in the transfer room and they keep your feet warm during that all important TWW!  

I am a HUGE FAN of the TTC Greeting Cards lucky socks and I will be ordering the Lucky Transfer Socks mentioned above for my Frozen Transfer!   HINT HINT y'all these things SELL OUT quickly!  Make sure you take a moment to head over to TTC Greeting Cards website to get your Lucky Socks RIGHT NOW! 
(but don't forget to come back to this blog to continue the Shopping Guide!)

One less pair of Lucky Transfer Socks available!  I just ordered mine while writing this post!

Infertility Tees

Did you think TTC Greeting Cards stopped there?  HA!  You were wrong folks!  She just keeps on coming with some super cute tee-shirts available on both her WEBSITE and her ETSY SHOP.  TTC Greeting Cards features two awesome tees for infertility.

I had the pleasure of purchasing one and shipping it "across the pond" to my fellow TTC'er and Crazy Cat Lover, Lucy!  Lucy and I are like sisters from another Mister and I sent her a care package recently and it included the "Let's Make Some Embryo's Tee" (HERE).

In addition, I am a proud owner of her "I Can Do This" tee.  This is a reminder we all should keep close to heart.  Infertility is hard y'all!  It wears on your heart, it wears on your soul, it wears on your mind.  But WE CAN DO THIS!  And this shirt is my reminder of that fact!  These shirts are priced at $16 which is a STEAL of a DEAL for a tee shirt designed special for a TTC'er like you or me!

Another awesomely wonderful place to find a great Infertility Tee is Funny Girls of Fertility and this shop is run by an IVF Coordinator over in Texas by the name of Sharon.  And she is the CUTEST!   Y'all, this gal is after my own heart I tell you what!  She went to Oklahoma State University, the Alma Matter of both my parents and my brother (Go Cowboys!)  She runs a fabulous blog to increase awareness about infertility and has these AWESOME shirts that I LOVE!!  She has three styles and her latest shirt, "Ain't for the Weak" sold out in a day!  I didn't even get my hands on one of those!  I do happily own the TTC/IUI/IVF/FET/PUPO shirt which I will be rocking at my Trial Transfer and I was able to order one for my friend Monica who is out of the country!  Today I ordered my PIO Y'all tee...I mean was that shirt NOT meant for a gal like me!?  I am such a southerner it's like it was designed for me!  Hop on over to Funny Girls of Fertility and look at their SHOP link to see what is available.  And don't just shop, check out her blog!  What an amazing way to share awareness!  I sure appreciate Sharon and what she's doing for the cause!   

TTC Boxes

Last, but certainly not least is TTC Boxes.  Similar to a subscription box, this is a prepackaged selection of TTC items that you can purchase or gift.  My favorite TTC box is made by My Fertile Box...also the same gal who does Fertile Gems mentioned in the jewelry section of this post.  This is not a subscription box but she regularly comes out with a beautiful selection of themed TTC items that will come to you beautifully wrapped and includes FREE OPK strips and FREE HPT tests!

She often has a small box and a large box to choose from.   I purchased my first box and reviewed it HERE back in December.  The box featured in that post is the SMALL box!  Yes small!  Here's a picture of my Fertile Box. This box was the "Live in Faith Box".  For about $28 I received two 5x7 prints, a coloring book, a Fertile Gems bracelet and necklace, and a pen.  ALso included was a little baby dust which I keep by my vanity and the free HPT and OPK's.  It was gently packaged and I was overwhelmed when I received it.  This is a real winner in the Shopping Guide and I definitely suggest you check out My Fertile Box as a personal item or a gift for someone else. I've just purchases the last of her Anchored by Hope box which was the current TTC box she had available.  

Do y'all have some favorite infertility shops to share with me?  I'd love to add to this post and extend our shopping guide a little further!  Let's rock it with pride!  I am more than just a diagnosis but I want the world to stop being afraid to talk about it!  Wear it, share it, and let's tear down those silent walls that separate us!