Wednesday, March 9, 2016

IUI Round Three...Last Chance

Let's talk a little football shall we??  Wait...WHAT?  Yes y'all I am well versed in the game, I pride myself on identifying every referee hand symbol from the obvious first down to holding, to even clipping which is not something you see called in many games.

I'm going to tell y'all about the most exciting play in football and that's a Hail Mary...In football, a Hail Mary is an extremely long forward pass that is made in desperation with little chance of success. A Hail Mary often occurs at the end of a game or a quarter.  The reason they're often unsuccessful is because it's pretty obvious when it happens and the defense is able to prepare for the play.  They call it a Hail Mary because you pretty much need divine intervention for it to actually work.

And that my friends, is what hubby and I did last week...The Hail Mary IUI.  It was a long shot, it is unlikely to succeed, but it's the fourth quarter, there's 10 seconds left on the clock, the defense is lined up and ready for the play, and we are praying for divine intervention.

In our three IUI's we saw a slight rise in count from number one to number two and we saw a slight decline in motility.  This round, the numbers came in a 3.5 million post-wash.  My RE likes to see a minimum of 5 million post wash to perform an IUI.  We didn't hit the mark.  When the nurse told me the count from the sample, I froze.  I blinked once, twice, and the fear washed over me.  The words from my RE rang in my ears, 5 million minimum...5 million heart sank as I wondered if he would even perform the procedure.  I signed off on the sample making sure it was, in fact, our sample, and was ushered into the exam room.  I de-pants myself and wrapped in the paper sheet of shame, still wondering why at a cost of $1150 we were not provided with something a little warmer for the lady bits...

I wore my "This Ain't My First Rodeo" hat that I purchased from Rebel Chicks on Etsy.

 Definitely check them out for sassy hats like this!  They also do custom work y'all so don't let my redneckery deter you from checking their shop!

Talk about the perfect hat as this is my third IUI and I'm all too familiar with the procedure!  Also, I didn't want to brush my hair and that makes it the perfect "haturday" for me!

Maybe you can't tell from this photo, but I was frozen with fear and already planning to demand the IUI go on, just in case the RE said he didn't advise it.  And today, Dr. Mark performed the IUI.  The first two IUI's were done by Amy, and if you don't recall from my post HERE she had a difficult time finding my cervix.  As though it would hide out on the day it was needed!  So when Dr. Mark came in to do the IUI, I was a little nervous that he would also find my cervix hiding.

Dr. Mark warned us that he likes to see higher numbers but I was already on the table in my paper sheet, so he performed the IUI.  And in RECORD TIME!  Y'all...I was literally thinking, "I wonder if he will find my..." and he said DONE.  I didn't even complete the was THAT FAST!  Mere seconds and the last effort was complete.

The Hail Mary pass was thrown...spiraling down the field...the fan are in silence...waiting with bated breath as we all wonder...will it work?  Will the egg catch that Hail Mary pass?  Will this be it?

Join me in my next Two Week Wait right now as we wait for the results of this Hail Mary IUI!



  1. Hoping this Hail Mary results on the touchdown!!

    1. YES!! We are looking for the WIN for this one!!

  2. Best of luck, my love. We never got a chance to complete our first IUI....just got shoved straight to IVF after our genetic results came back. Who knows what could have happened? I'll be following along on IG as usual and sending you the stickiest vibes I can!

    1. Thank you so much, we were supposed to get shoved into IVF with ICSI but were surprised when hubby's numbers came back good enough to go the IUI route...We need STICKY VIBES!!

  3. Come on touchdown! I love football, so I love your analogy. Believing your time is NOW!

    1. It's fun to watch it, I prefer college because it seems so much more exciting! Thank you so much, I'm believing with you! Hugs!

  4. I always had female doctors so when I saw my first man doctor, I was apprehensive to say the least. He was a breeze in comparison. I thought maybe it was a fluke but now that I have many of men and woman doctors examining the lady bits, I have to say, MEN are way more gentle and seem to get the job done with much less fuss!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for that TOUCHDOWN!
    XO, B

    1. He definitely did, I was MIND BLOWN...I mean SECONDS and completely painless...I thought, YOU cannot be done? And he was!!

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