Thursday, April 7, 2016

You Paid WHAT for Meds?

Today was med delivery day y'all!  Of course I went home and took a photo of the $5200 worth of medications delivered in a cooler packed in ice.  And here is the meds for my IVF and frozen transfer. 

 I used Avella Pharmacy.  They ship out of Orlando and it was the best price I found overall for my meds.  I considered splitting them between pharmacies to get slightly cheaper price, but in the end I went with paying a few dollars more to get them at the same place.  Should I need refills, it will be a quick call and a quick delivery.  I received them next day, packed in an iced cooler.  I called the cooler NotaYeti as it was definitely not a Yeti cooler!  

We paid out of pocket for these medications so I'm going to post the medication haul so other people paying out of pocket have an idea of what a med cycle can cost.  So let's get started!

The heavy Hitter was Follistim!  But it actually replaced Gonal-F which was much more expensive so I'll take this price.  FOr comparison, the Gonal-F would have been $5,200 on its own!

PRE-Egg Transfer Meds:
Follistim 900iu, Qty. 4.68 (oh hello exact) $3360, 12 day supply
Ganirelix 250mcg, Qty. 3, $792, 6 day supply Lupron 1mg, $445, 14 day supply
Azithromycin (Z-Pack), $12
Letrozole $9

POST-Frozen Transfer Meds:
Estradiol Patches, Qty. 40, $422.50, 28 day supply
Progesterone in Sesame Oil, Qty. 30, $90, 20 day supply
Cephalexin $16

Also included were all the syringes and needles as well as a sharps container.  Thankfully they labeled these items as $0 because I just dropped $5200 on the meds, the least they could do was supply the method to complete the shot!

When I received the first call from Avella, I was informed the cost would be $11,500.   My response was, I'm sorry you're going to have to change that amount some way, how can you make that number go DOWN??  She asked if I was "out of pocket".  I thought to myself, gosh what was the first price you gave me??Was that the if you don't ask for a discount you don't get one kind of thing??  

Her response was okay, it will be $6910.  I'm sorry how did you not offer me that grossly discounted rate from the beginning?!?!  

I pushed a little further and asked if there were any substitutions that I could use to save any additional money.  My IVF nurse mentioned Dr. Trolice used two different medications for a few options. The Gonal F was switched to Follistim and generated $1200 in savings!  Cetratide was replaced with Ganirelix and saved another $500!

After my doctor OK'd the medication changes (no they actually don't let you decide that for yourself) my final price was right about $5200.  I also have a z-pack and cephalexin as antibiotics to prevent infection and the good old Letrozole to help start the process.  Those were minimal costs.  

Y'all...does this look like $5200 in meds?!?  I tell you what, this has been an expensive week.  First $6550 for the transfer and then $5200 for the meds...and we still have $4100 to pay to the lab.  The FET is an additional $1750.  Yes, this child will have to do really well in school that that it can afford to pay for college, as we are spending all our money making it. 

And I pray we make that little bun in this oven!  

Hope this helps you get an idea of what a Letrozole Antagonist Protocol costs out of pocket for this gal!  

I'd love to hear what you thought about the process of obtaining your meds!  Share in the comments below!