Thursday, April 7, 2016

You Paid WHAT for Meds?

Today was med delivery day y'all!  Of course I went home and took a photo of the $5200 worth of medications delivered in a cooler packed in ice.  And here is the meds for my IVF and frozen transfer. 

 I used Avella Pharmacy.  They ship out of Orlando and it was the best price I found overall for my meds.  I considered splitting them between pharmacies to get slightly cheaper price, but in the end I went with paying a few dollars more to get them at the same place.  Should I need refills, it will be a quick call and a quick delivery.  I received them next day, packed in an iced cooler.  I called the cooler NotaYeti as it was definitely not a Yeti cooler!  

We paid out of pocket for these medications so I'm going to post the medication haul so other people paying out of pocket have an idea of what a med cycle can cost.  So let's get started!

The heavy Hitter was Follistim!  But it actually replaced Gonal-F which was much more expensive so I'll take this price.  FOr comparison, the Gonal-F would have been $5,200 on its own!

PRE-Egg Transfer Meds:
Follistim 900iu, Qty. 4.68 (oh hello exact) $3360, 12 day supply
Ganirelix 250mcg, Qty. 3, $792, 6 day supply Lupron 1mg, $445, 14 day supply
Azithromycin (Z-Pack), $12
Letrozole $9

POST-Frozen Transfer Meds:
Estradiol Patches, Qty. 40, $422.50, 28 day supply
Progesterone in Sesame Oil, Qty. 30, $90, 20 day supply
Cephalexin $16

Also included were all the syringes and needles as well as a sharps container.  Thankfully they labeled these items as $0 because I just dropped $5200 on the meds, the least they could do was supply the method to complete the shot!

When I received the first call from Avella, I was informed the cost would be $11,500.   My response was, I'm sorry you're going to have to change that amount some way, how can you make that number go DOWN??  She asked if I was "out of pocket".  I thought to myself, gosh what was the first price you gave me??Was that the if you don't ask for a discount you don't get one kind of thing??  

Her response was okay, it will be $6910.  I'm sorry how did you not offer me that grossly discounted rate from the beginning?!?!  

I pushed a little further and asked if there were any substitutions that I could use to save any additional money.  My IVF nurse mentioned Dr. Trolice used two different medications for a few options. The Gonal F was switched to Follistim and generated $1200 in savings!  Cetratide was replaced with Ganirelix and saved another $500!

After my doctor OK'd the medication changes (no they actually don't let you decide that for yourself) my final price was right about $5200.  I also have a z-pack and cephalexin as antibiotics to prevent infection and the good old Letrozole to help start the process.  Those were minimal costs.  

Y'all...does this look like $5200 in meds?!?  I tell you what, this has been an expensive week.  First $6550 for the transfer and then $5200 for the meds...and we still have $4100 to pay to the lab.  The FET is an additional $1750.  Yes, this child will have to do really well in school that that it can afford to pay for college, as we are spending all our money making it. 

And I pray we make that little bun in this oven!  

Hope this helps you get an idea of what a Letrozole Antagonist Protocol costs out of pocket for this gal!  

I'd love to hear what you thought about the process of obtaining your meds!  Share in the comments below!


  1. That's crazy what they quoted you first! I mean how many people have just paid the first price without asking for a less price.

    1. That's exactly what I wondered!! Everyone should know that they should ALWAYS ask if there is a discount or option available to reduce the cost!

  2. I hear ya girl! We paid for those meds multiple times! It's insane...really it is! I wonder what the first quote was for...?
    We used Freedom Pharmacy, I believe they are out of Boston...not 100% sure though. Prayers for y'all!

    1. I thought the same Lily, who calls with a quote for $11,500 and then IMMEDIATELY drops it to $6,900?? Why not just call with $6,900!

  3. I haven't chatted with my nurse yet, but they ordered me Endometrium in lieu of PIO.....I don't know why or if I agree. I guess it doesn't matter at this point, they are here, but I may switch because I have heard nasty side effects with the vag supps :).
    Anyways....I honestly think the med price looks awesome for OOP. Way to do your research mama!

    1. I have heard some things about those supps too and they're all blue and smurf related! I am doing the patches and the PIO! Talk about loading me up! Praying this is IT for us girl!!