Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our Frozen Embryo Transfer

Y'all...this is it!  We made it!  May 25 we had our embryo transfer and we are excited to share our very first family photo!  Now be honest, does it look more like me or Bob?  It's hard to tell isn't it...probably the blue hair net throwing it off.  I knew those hair nets were going to get in the way but we were just too excited to care about the little details like Bob's crazy paper suit...imagine the damage I'd do to a paper suit y'all, I can't even get through an ultrasound without tearing the paper sheet of shame!

We arrived at Fertility Care and I was quickly reminded that I was required to have a full bladder for the procedure.

I wore my TTC TRIBE shirt from Funny Girls of Fertility.  This was my favorite shirt of all as I refer to the girls of Instagram as my TTC Tribe.  I highly recommend these shirts for several reasons...first, they raise awareness to the struggle to conceive.  Second, they're adorbs.  And last but not least, they're the softest shirts in the history of Everdom.

Also featured are my Lucky Transfer Socks from TTC Greeting Cards which is the best place to get socks and CARDS for someone struggling with infertility, for your spouse or even for your doctor treating you!

These two shops have been STAPLES on my journey and I highly recommend picking up a tee or two and some socks for your big day too!

So how did the transfer go?  I wish I could remember!!  They gave me a Valium to "relax my uterus" but it's not a drug that focuses on one area of your body, so most of the procedure was sort of a hazy blur.  I didn't really like that because I feel like I missed an important part of the journey, but I did want everything to go perfectly so it was up, up and away on the Valium.

  Here we are just after the transfer completed and I'm giving a thumbs up, but I don't know who was driving my thumbs and that is ME taking the photo...but do I remember that?  NOPE!  Daddy Bun was very excited because he was able to witness the whole thing and I just laid there with my legs in the air feeling all wonky and wondering what was happening.

Dr. Mark said it went perfectly and that is what you want to here after a transfer.  So somehow I walked out of the transfer room, took off my ugly hospital gown, put back on my pants and got into the truck which was parked at the other building...all without recalling any of the details.

Here's another great shot post transfer that I don't recall taking...on top of that, I don't remember eating those fries or the Filet-o-Fish sandwich in the bag...YES I eat the fish sandwich from McDonald's and its the greatest fish sandwich ever!!  Don't try to argue that, I've verified it as factual evidence since it's on the internet.

Back to these fries...what is the story with fries after a transfer?  Well, here's the scoop.  Usually with a fresh transfer, you want to increase your sodium intake to prevent OHSS.  Hence the salty fries recommendation for fresh transfers everywhere.  Is it part of a frozen protocol, no.  In fact I cannot find any evidence that it helps at all...but I was hungry and these were the prize for a good transfer!

I ate the entire meal and passed out and (according to my hubby) snored the entire way home.  I then trudged into my bedroom and fell right back asleep!  My doctor said I could return to work but I slept it off until hubby returned home to check on me.  


Post-tranfer I returned to work the next day.  Dr. Mark says the best way to promote healthy blood flow to your womb is to move around as you normally would.  No jarring activities or hard core exercising...this is another time you don't want to be out throwing cars or moving furniture.  But I'm in finance so my job is primarily at a desk and that was OK for post-transfer.

Each day for the first five days after transfer I followed the Old Wive's Tales of Fertility:

1) Pomegranate Juice which is said to help thicken the uterine lining and give the embryo a place to snuggle in and stick.

2) Pineapple core (yes the CORE but you can eat the whole thing YAY) has bromelain which is said to assist in implantation of the embryo.  I take the core and cut it into five pieces and munch on a piece per day for five days.

3) Warm feet.  This dates back to Chinese medicine that warm feet make a warm womb. I run around in socks and slippers, even on the days when it's 90° outside (which, in Florida, is pretty much every day).

Here's my thought on these, none of these harm you.  Are they PROVEN?  No, but it never hurts to try and it's a small price to pay when the end result is a healthy baby.

I am currently 6 days past transfer and refusing to test.  A lot of people wonder why I'm not testing and I have a few reasons but the biggest one is that as long as I don't have a negative test, I'm still considered Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise, or PUPO.  This is as close as Daddy Bun and I have EVER been to a positive pregnancy.  We put a bun in my oven and I just want to enjoy the moments before our beta on June 6.  SIX DAYS until BETA.  Until then, may this bun continue to bake in my oven!