Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Pregnancy Journey - Weeks 1-7

Well y'all, here we are, PREGNANT with our little bun!  Yesterday was our first sonogram and I was literally SPEECHLESS.  Y'all have no idea what it takes to shut me up but I guess it's a live human being in my belly that will do it!  The baby is measuring a few days ahead of me at 8 weeks, 2 days.  We were able to see it's little heart fluttering away but Dr. Mark said NO VIDEOS...I love Dr. Mark but for the first time I wanted to smack him....but since he did have a wand in my lady bits I thought it was better to just lay there in awe of the tiny life growing inside of me.  The heartbeat measured at 163bpm so it's perfect so far.

Here is the sonogram of little bun.  You can see it's giant head (going to be smart like mom) and it's little nubs which will become arms and legs in the coming weeks.  It was just sort of fluttering there in my tummy with the heart just flashing like "I AM HERE!!  LOOK AT ME!!"

It's a little strange that I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant this week....I mean, our transfer was May 25.  Yet somehow the pregnancy people started counting my weeks wayyyyy back on May 1, which was actually cycle day 1 for the month.  So there I was... "pregnant" but not pregnant.  The way this pregnancy counting thing works is a little strange for someone who knows exactly when our five day embryo was implanted in my womb.  I've been pregnant about four weeks...but they gifted me three weeks just for participating.

The first seven weeks have been pretty easy.  Aside from 24/7 indigestion and the urge to nap every hour, I'm doing really well.  My cravings are pretty normal, I have noticed an increase in salty food desires and a decrease in my love for sweets.  That is a little strange since I used to drool over cookies and pies...a pie used to make me swoon but I'd rather it be Shepherd's Pie these days.  But I'm not going to lie, I would like to eat or drink something and not get indigestion...just so I can remember what it's like.

I picked out my OB here in town, and he's an amazing doctor who's office is LITS 3 miles from home.  It's going to be a nice change from the 1.5 hour trek I make to see Dr. Mark.  Speaking of Dr. Mark, he gave me a big hug and told me I graduated from Fertility CARE.  It was a little awkward since I was still naked from the waist down but hey, we've seen it all down there...repeatedly.  I have two more weeks of bloodwork before I will officially end my journey there.  Oh my heck, I have got to get them a basket of goodies to say thank you!  I am thinking sperm shaped cookies because that's how I roll.  Must start the hunt for a baker to do that for me...

I haven't been doing official bump shots because I wanted to wait for the first sonogram to start.  I guess I'm using the first sonogram as the starting line for the pregnancy.  So this weekend will mark BUMPDATE #01 for Week 8.  I purchased a shirt to wear for every week so I could see how little bun is growing.

Currently, I look pregnant, but it's not from the's from the progesterone shots I get every night from Daddy Bun.  Speaking of those...I have an END DATE for my PIO shots and Estradiol patches and it's July 29.  Hubby is SO EXCITED to be done with those shots...I wince every time he sticks me with a needle.  He dreads giving me that shot, but hey, if it is what Dr. Mark says we need to do, we will take the shot!  

For now, we are pregnant, we are estatic, and we will have our first OB appointment on July 14.  Until then I'll be updating weekly bumpdates here on the blog and monthly bumpdates on my Instagram.  Thanks for following our journey to Little Bun!!

 Here's a little something I created for the nursery.  It's going to be aqua and gray and white with a nautical theme.  This gender neutral idea is something that Daddy Bun and I came up with together based off his love for fishing and my love for all things nautical.  So thankful we agreed on such a perfect theme for the nursery.