Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Meet Griffin from Fertility Bridge

Hey y'all I wanted to share a blog post today from Griffin Jones who runs Fertility Bridge.  Fertility WHAT?  Fertility Bridge people...Griffin is working to help IVF centers market their services to TTC Sisters like us.  I was more than willing to help Griffin out in his recent blog post called:

20 infertility bloggers all answered one questionLet's talk for a moment about choosing a fertility clinic.  It's not like choosing a lunch selection.  It's a time consuming and difficult process.  There are a lot of costs involved with infertility and choosing the right provider is so important.  What we don't want to do is pick one from the virtual phone book and find out thousands of dollars later that we chose wrong.  

That is where Griffin comes in.  He is working on "bridging the gap between fertility clinics and patients" by working with clinics to help them market their services to the 1 in 8 couples who suffer from infertility....hence the name of his blog...Fertility Bridge.

Griffin chose this topic to help give clinics an eye opening look at what patients DON'T LIKE about choosing a clinic!  Lack of information online, not enough choices in the area, unclear costs, and a myriad of other issues were shared in this informative post and hopefully our voices will help guide the future marketing techniques and available options for other TTC Sisters.

I would love if you took a moment to check out Griffin's post, LINK HERE to see if you can relate to some of these issues.  Did you have any annoying issues with choosing your clinic?  Did you find it difficult to choose just one?  Was it hard to find costs without spending an afternoon getting a sales pitch on how you should have your baby?  Were you turned off by a lack of compassion from the reception staff?  Tell difficult was it to choose your fertility clinic?  Let's share some help for Griffin to keep this movement going...let's let our voices guide the clinics.  After all, it's our needs that keep these practices running.