Thursday, July 14, 2016

Our First OB Appointment

Today we had our first OB appointment and we were blessed with a little video of our little bun in action.  Watching this baby wiggle around was the most amazing experience!  Again I was left speechless and in complete awe of the life that is growing inside me.  Check out our little bun in the oven!

Tomorrow we celebrate ten weeks and I'll take a new bump photo to add to the bumpdates!   

Baby is measuring right on schedule with a heartrate of 170bpm!  Hubby calls baby a HE but with this heartrate I'm wondering if he needs to add an "S" to that!  After further review online it turns out heartrate is not a good way to predict gender so we will have to stick with the guessing games for a few more weeks!!

We will know at the anatomy scan in about ten weeks whether this is a little lady or a little man!

So excited to continue this journey with y'all!