Monday, July 11, 2016

Pregnancy Week 8 in Review and Bumpdate

We are moving right along this pregnancy journey.  Last week was the first week I felt sickly on this journey.  I wish I could say I was more thrilled about some of the pregnancy symptoms but tossing my cookies is definitely not high on my list of pregnancy symptoms to rave about.

Some other symptoms I've noticed is pregnancy nightmares.  Wow, in just about all my dreams I am a terrible parent.  Let's just tap into a few of these dreams that leave me waking up in fear.

The most common dream is that I leave the baby behind.  Whether I'm going out to run an errand, and the baby is left sitting on the floor of the garage, the trunk of the car, or even in the crib because I didn't remember I had a baby...leaving that little bun behind is what leads the pack in my pregnancy dreams.  My most vivid dream, I was going to a dance recital for a friend's daughter, when I arrived everyone wanted to know where that sweet baby was...and so did I!  Where was that kid?  Oh crap, I left it home.

Another dream on repeat is feed the baby.  Or NOT feeding the baby.  That is me, staring at this baby, blinking eyes wide and innocent, and I'm do you feed this thing?  Wait, how old is this baby?  Have I ever fed this baby?  Oh my gosh, I've never fed the baby.  It's a few months old and I can't remember ever feeding it.  I'm starving my kid!  I don't even know HOW to make a bottle.  I run to hubby, sputtering and stuttering incoherently...."I never fed the baby".  Hubby always looks at me like I'm some kind of an idiot...and wondering why he chose to procreate with such a basket case.

I have friends who suffer far worse nightmares, they're suffering miscarriages and delivering stillborn babies.  What is it with the fear that creeps in while we are sleeping?

Speaking of sleeping, I no longer sleep on my stomach.  I have long been a tummy sleeper but it seems this is the position where I feel the most stretching of ligaments in my uterus.  And y''s not a great feeling, it's like rubber bands sort of snapping in my lady bits.  So what was once my favorite way to sleep has morphed into side sleeping.  We haven't picked up that pregnancy pillow that all the gals rave hubby is not a fan of fluffy pillows that separate cuddle time during the night.  For now I just use a king size pillow to help keep me in position.  He is going to have to give in eventually and get me that magic pillow!

Aside from the few times I felt a little nauseous, things have been really wonderful. I'm used to the heartburn and indigestion and sleeping on my left side really helps ease that.  I don't have any food aversions or smells that send me frantically to the bathroom.  

Hubby and I went out and did a little shopping this weekend and he picked out an adorable pair of shoes for our upcoming announcement photos.  My heart just melted when he came up to me smiling in the store with these cute shoes.  We want them to involve the whole family and be fishing related so these were perfect!  I love to see how happy he is that we are on this journey together.  I waited years for this and it's been everything I imagined it would be so far.  Cannot wait to share the announcement pics...COMING SOON!