Monday, September 19, 2016

Pregnancy Slacker...First Trimester Recap

Y'all I have been SLACKING on the blog lately.  I have about seven drafts but I'm treating them like yard work...that is, I start them and don't finish!

I though it would be a good time to recap the first trimester since I'm hitting pregnant week 20 this week.  This time has literally FLOWN BY during my pregnancy though I am pretty sure I slept through most days and worried through most nights.  You'd think getting pregnant was the hard part, but as I learned, being pregnant can be just as difficult.

To recap, we did a frozen embryo transfer on May 25 which resulted in a BFP after YEARS of struggling with infertility.  It took so long I really thought it might never happen but God has perfect timing and THIS, my friends, was in His timing.

The first trimester was a doozy for me as I struggled with accepting the pregnancy wouldn't result in miscarriage.  Even seeing the little love nugget on screen was not enough to ease my fears as I spent countless nights tossing and turning thinking about all the "what if's" that could go wrong.

But was that enough worry for this girl?  Nope!  I also struggled with my weight and the weight gain during pregnancy.  Having body issues throughout my life didn't stop when I got pregnant, in fact they seemed to increase tenfold.  I had a hard time embracing the changes my body went through as the weeks progressed.

But I have to say, I did accept this was a successful transfer.  And while I am still working on the body issues, on most days I accept that my body is doing what it needs to prepare for this little baby.

What are some of the first trimester highs?

Napping freely.  Y'all, making a baby in the first trimester takes a lot of energy and there was no shortage of exhaustion along the way.  Some work days I felt like passing out under my desk.  The weekend I got in two naps a day!  This was definitely a first trimester high, being able to crawl into bed and take a nap to ease the exhaustion.  I know this won't be possible when baby comes so I tried to take advantage of the baby free nap time.  

Hubby love.  This really continues beyond the first trimester but I definitely have to brag on Bob. Daddy Bun was very supportive during my nap days by helping with the laundry, cleaning, cooking and pretty much anything that needed to be done.  I think I have the most supportive hubby EVER because he was there every step to make sure everything was done.  Not a single complaint.

Maternity jeans.  Y'all, maternity jeans should NOT be for maternity only.  I think they should be everyday jeans for everyday woman.  I have always proclaimed that pants were overrated but there is something that is OK about sliding into a pair of maternity pants, no buttons, no zippers, no muffin top...what is not to love about that!?  I've purchased from A Pea in the Pod, Target and Motherhood Maternity and my favorites are by far the Jessica Simpson jeans from Motherhood Maternity.  I have bootcut and skinny jeans and they're just very comfortable, they wear well, they don't stretch out and get baggy in the bum.  I am a SUPER FAN of these jeans. I know that there are many people who will tell you to wait as long as you can to buy them but I disagree...BUY THEM...LOVE THEM...THANK ME LATER!

How about the first trimester lows?  

Indigestion. I have never dealt much with heartburn and indigestion but boy did that glory end when I got pregnant.  It was awful.  And for someone like me who eats authentic Mexican cuisine at least once a week this was a serious blow to my lunch plans.  If food went into my mouth, it gave me indigestion.  I didn't even want to eat because it would be so uncomfortable.  Y'all...I could drink WATER and get indigestion.  It wasn't until my doctor said try some Zantac that I found relief and I mean the kind of relief that clouds parted in the sky, angels sang Hallelujah and I was able to eat tacos.  If you're dealing with heartburn or indigestion, try Zantac.  It really gave me the freedom to eat my yums in peace!

Worry.  As I mentioned above, one of the worst parts of the first trimester is worry.  And the worry even crept into my dreams at night.  Worry about miscarriage was not the only fear that haunted my thoughts and dreams.  What if I'm a bad mother?  What if I forget to feed the baby?  What if I leave the baby in the car?  What if the baby is born as Chewbacca (the indigestion made me worry)...what if....what if...WHAT IF!?!?!?  I could have what if'd all day long.  Thankfully I had a reassuring hubby and not only that, one with experience being a parent.  It is such a relief to know I am going through this with someone who has been there already, even if it was with someone else.  He eased most of my fears and worries and sometimes, just saying them out loud helped to ease them.

(thank you
Gas.  Y'all....I can't even.  I mean seriously.  I don't know if you've ever seen the "Breaking the Barrier" video on YouTube but being gassy is not something I shared with my husband, EVER.  I realize it's a part of our body's function but I'm just overly embarrassed about that.  Well when you get pregnant, you can THROW THAT OUT THE WINDOW...and keep it open after because you'll need to air out the room.  Why does this happen?  And why is is so awful you want to issue out military grade gas masks to anyone who comes through the front door?  This is progesterone at work y' slows down your intestinal tract and that my friends, makes ya gassy.  I tried blaming the dogs but even they run away in fear.  Fiber is your friend.  I use fiber gummies and not only do they taste good, they keep my husband from running from the bedroom with tears streaming down his face.

As we traipse through the second trimester, with a round belly that I've started to use as weapon when my hubby makes comments about the baby's gas (I mean it IS the baby right???) I will be back to share more on the good, the bad, and the ugly of pregnancy.