Monday, December 12, 2016

What's In My Hospital Bag?

Hey y'all, as you know I'm a FTM *first time mom* and let's be real, I don't have experience to be sharing a post of this nature but GUESS WHAT...I'm going to do it anyway!

Today we are going to review what is in my hospital bag.  I've polled the BTDT *been there done that* moms and the results were all over the place!  I've seen people recommend only a change of clothes and a cell phone...and I've seen people pack like they're leaving for a week on holiday.  I settled right in the middle with a few short guidelines.

Rule #1:  We share ONE bag, that's Mommy, Daddy and Baby...and I didn't have a size restriction on the bag (wink, wink, nod nod)

Rule #2: Everyone has an opinion on what you need, go with what makes you comfortable...if you need more than one bag, take more!  If you don't want some of the items on this list, don't take them! 

When polled, I had BTDT mom's who's list for baby really ran across the rainbow from packing light to packing heavy.  There were those who brought diapers and those who used the hospitals.  I had mom's who only use the hospital swaddle and those who only brought one outfit to come home.  I had others who brought several changes of clothing.  I went with what was comfortable for me.  I might not use these items, but I have them available, and that makes me comfortable.


Comfy Pants, Daddy Shirt, Toothbrush/Toothpaste, iPad and Charger, Comb, Hat (Sorry Dad's I didn't photograph these)

Blanket, Two Swaddles, Binky and Clip, Hand Sanitizer, Here I Am Gown and Hat, Coming Home Sleeper and Hat, Two Pairs of Socks.  *I got his sleeper in two sizes, newborn and 0-3 months...hey you never know what will fit!  Look how much space it takes up...Oh my heck y'all this stuff is so tiny!

Blanket from Black River Blankets (Melissa is quite amazing and has made almost every single blanket in my baby stash)

Here I Am Onesie from Milk and Baby (definitely check them out for all your Labor and Postpartum needs!)

I made three mini-bags for my Mommy Bag.  A post-care bag, a toiletry bag, and a makeup bag.  This was the most hotly debated topic on packing for and toiletries!  Y'all, if you don't wear makeup or just don't care, don't pack it!  I have never had so many judgments passed upon me as I did when I shared that I wanted to have makeup available at the hospital.  I was accused of being vain, of not caring enough for baby, of being selfish...the list goes on.  My answer is this, makeup makes me comfortable.  I like a properly lined eye.  I love mascara.  Right, wrong or indifferent, I am packing it.  If you don't use it, that will save you some packing space!

Post Care Bag: Prenatal Vitamins and Calcium Supplement, Colace, a sleepy mask, Honest Nipple Balm, Medela gel breast pads.  My hospital provides MOST of these items but I preferrred to pack my own stash for comfort.  NOTE: Check with your hospital on what they provide so you can decide what to pack and what can stay home.  

Toiletry Bag: (Travel sizes) makeup remover wipes, comb toothbrush/toothpaste, lotion, body wash, deodorant, dry shampoo, dental floss, shower scrubbie, chap-stick, and mirror.  (missing from this photo is a razor.  Do I plan to shave?  No.  But do I want to be prepared, YES)  Most of this came in one of those handy travel packs found in WalMart!

Makeup Bag: (not pictured is a mirror for the tray table, no need to get up for makeup) Foundation, setting powder, bronzer, highlighter, eye shadow and primer, eyeliner, mascara and two lippies.  Also included were my handy dandy seven minute makeup brushes.  Y'all I can get a full face in seven minutes.  And people were appalled that I wanted to bring these items.  Seven minutes to comfort!  If you don't need or want them, it will save you some room!

Also in the bag is my Milk and Baby Gownie, matching Milk and Baby nursing gown and robe, XL underwear, slippers, fuzzy socks, flip flops, a blanket, post-partum belly wrap and a coming home outfit.  I got the XL underwear to really freak out my hubby...and to cover those fancy mesh panties that the hospital provides.  They also supply pads the size of your head so I won't have to worry about that!  Flip flops for that hospital shower, y'all!  I treat it just like when I'm camping...cover your feet!  Blanket is not pictured for Mommy but it fits in the bag all the same!

Coming along for the ride (outside the bag) are my favorite pillow and a Boppy to help sit baby up while I nurse in that bed.  Technically, they exceed the "one bag" policy but I've allowed these two exceptions since I feel like I did so well on all the other items.  I mean HELLO, I packed for Mommy, Daddy and Baby (plus have room leftover for the iPad and our phone charges) with just ONE bag!

What others things will come along?  An overwhelming amount of BTDT mom's suggested gifts for the nursing staff and I thought well, that is kind of sweet.  Knowing my affinity for cookies I thought it would be better to try something that I might not eat before it was delivered! I'm going to make a giant snack basket so there is enough for everyone to share.  I found several "Snack Pack" options on Amazon that range about $25, so I'll just put them in a nice basket and keep down in the car until we are ready to leave.  Daddy Bun will deliver it when we are packing up to go home.

Finally, in the new Mommy Car we will have the car-seat professionally installed and a box to carry down any goodies we might receive from friends or family and from the hospital.  The hospital wheels you down to valet parking in a fancy cart so baby and I can be snuggling until we get to the car.  I've been told that they pretty much let you take whatever you think you need from the room so I'll be following those instructions and carefully packing them into a box to bring home and Daddy will be in charge of that.

So let's put it in a list form so you can just copy and paste it for yourself!  Remember, you do not need all of these things and you might find you'd be comfortable with even more.  This is about YOUR comfort level so I always say do what is best for you.  This is what I felt was best for us.

Happy Packing Y'all!!  

For Mommy:
Labor Gown
After Delivery Gown/Robe
Slippers (rubber sole) 
Soft grip socks 
XL panties
Post baby abdominal wrap
Sleep mask
Toilet Paper
Coming home outfit
Nursing bra 

Toiletry Bag:
Dry shampoo
travel soap
face wipes

After care meds:
Honest Nipple Balm
gel nursing pads

Makeup Bag:
travel mirror

For Daddy:
Daddy shirt
Comfy pants

Phone charger
iPad and charger

For baby:
Foaming hand sanitizer
Post birth gown/hat for pics
Coming home outfit/hat
Two swaddles
Binky clip and binky 

Basket of Snacks for Nurses:
$25 Amazon Snack Pack
Thank You Card

Car seat 
Box in case we get flowers etc!